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1 May

Long Time Turkey Hunter
Hey John here is my turkey story of the 07 spring season.

Started in [location deleted] along with the nasty cold and snowy weather, and I was tent camping the whole season at [location deleted] State Park. Opening day was very windy and cold however I managed to fill the first of five possible tags a member could get. My first bird was an average gobbler, 3/4" spurs, 8" beard and 21 lb. Took him at first light after another member was hunting across a large field and he shot a gobbler right after fly down and the flock worked across the field to me for my shot, and then they went back across the field for him to take his second bird.

Pickin's were a little slimmer for my second bird, as the only bird I could get a shot at was a jake. (no pic included) So I opted to fill my tag as another bad weather system was approaching for the last day I was scheduled to be in [location deleted]. I brushed the snow off the tent and headed to [location deleted].

My first bird in [location deleted] was a jake, (no pic included) but I was very satisfied non the less. I met another camper/turkey hunter in [location deleted] St. park who had leased a 1000 acre farm along with 9 others. The lease cost him and his friends $15,000. That's 1500 per man and they have to share a 1000 acres 10 ways. I included this info, as a comparison to our club which offers each hunter much more room at a more affordable price. He and I did take nice gobblers the same day, my second [location deleted] bird had a 10" beard, 1" spurs, and 24lbs on Monday the 23rd.

My son, Austin did harvest his first [location deleted] gobbler, a very nice 26lb, 10" beard with 1 1/4" spurs. He was very excited, as he pulled off a run and gun sequence of locating an active bird, setting up on him and calling him in for the 20 yd shot.

At the end of the day we had home cooked meals by my wife who enjoys camping with us on our trips. I had to include a pic of the best looking camp cook in the park! I also had to include a pic of our turkeys in front of the Cabela's Alaknak tent, this 12 x 20 model is everything they bill it to be. It stood up to 45 mph winds, and torrential rains and came out shining in the end.

After our [location deleted] stay, we went on to [location deleted] to try to fill the last of my five of my tags. My season I drew for was for the muzzleloading shotgun season, (season 3) which comes in on the 25th. We again set up the Alaknak tent, and again even more rain and wind greeted us for the hunt. But as I always say, you can't catch a fish if your line isn't in the water, so I headed out in the rain opening morning with my muzzleloader.

The double bull blind proved to be very valuable as it kept the rain off of me and my equipment. As luck would have it I set up right next to three gobblers and a hen that flew down not 60 yds from my pretty boy decoy. After a few clucks, they worked towards my decoy and the smoke flew, and the hunt was over. This gobbler was a very nice 23 lb, 1" spurs, and a 11" beard. This completed my season filling all five tags with 3 gobblers and 2 jakes in 12 days of hunting.

Thanks again for a great season goes out to Jon, John, and Shaunw who as always is very polite and a pleasure to talk to when making reservations.

Best regards and God Bless, Rex

It is always good to see in pictures and read about how a hunt goes for others. You came at the toughest time of the season this year and still had a great time. Congratulations to Austin for his own tom. And of course, a lucky man to have a wife that will go to hunting camp!!!

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