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3 May

Kansas Quail
For those that may not have yet ventured to central and western Kansas quail country.

Even when in wheat this draw produced a covey. The dog is on a single's point well after covey flush. Much easier open land shooting than the common wood/crop field edge of Missouri.

That far crop field is milo. That alone would make this a must hunt spot. Add the grass and scrub makes it better.

We thought this was another quail singles point making for the ninth from that covey. It turned into a rooster at flush. Same field as the picture immediately above and different than the one at the top and below.

One of those long draws that winds about a bit making it a longer walk than it first appears. Crops on both sides, more scrub else where. Produced but one covey.

The east half of Kansas typically rivals that of Missouri quail in terms of covey counts. The difference in habitat makes for the variety we all need to keep motivated by avoiding the routine of hunting the same spots or covers. Western Kansas quail hunts offer a break from the more common tall grass pheasant hunts for those that enjoy the mixed bag hunt. Dog power makes a big difference and often a limiter greater than the additional shooting skill required by quail.

USDA Bailouts
Bailouts made famous a year ago have long been with us before that. The USDA has had a practice of bailing out industries throughout its entire existence.

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture will purchase $18 million worth of cranberries products, along with other commodities, U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl said Friday. The purchase will help eliminate the surplus of cranberries from record harvests in Wisconsin for the past two years. The higher inventories led to lower prices for farmers. The cranberry industry contributes about $350 million to Wisconsin's economy."

USDA to buy $18 million in cranberry products to eliminate surplus, Doris Hajewski, Journal Sentinel, April 30, 2010.

Take that $18 million and put it into CRP. That would keep seed producers growing. Keep tractors running buying fuel, oil, filters and repairs. CRP would provide wildlife habitat that would create more hunting. That would cause hunters to spend more on equipment, transportation, lodging, meals. That would pay farmers who would spend more money upgrading equipment. That would be true for the 10 to 15 year span of the CRP contract. Contrast this to a knee-jerk short lived overproducing industry.

Instead citizen tax payer money is wasted by politicians to buy food items consumers do not want. These foods are then force onto school menus. Kids throw what they do not want to eat in the trash. Remember the California nut grower bailout of about a year ago. How many kids choose to eat walnuts and pecans. Cranberries are the same.

2010 Upland Bird Forecast
We have made a refinement to the forecast timeline and indicators we measure. This refinement developed from continuing discussions amongst those Association hunters that have contributed to this forecast for a good number of years. The modification is the inclusion of the late April rainfall to cover that period when the earliest of the hatches.


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