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1 May

We've had several women get in on our fishing lately and they have done quite well.

Kelly hasn't fished since she was a little girl with a Mickey Mouse Pole. Her first fish was a large bass and she was definitely surprised.

Wow another! Good evening of fishing.

Adrienne is another that doesn't fish much but caught on real fast. She was a little nervous handling the fish at the beginning, but after catching 5 to 10 crappies relaxed and enjoyed Easter fishing one of our strip pits.

Jorden was definitely just along for the ride with her sister, but got fired up when she landed this nice bass with an ultra light crappie rig.

We really like to see women using our leases for both hunting and fishing. Keep it up!

Deer Tags
With Kansas tag draw closing and Iowa opening a reminder for all that draw a Kansas or Iowa deer tag to send a copy into the Association. Each season our knowledge of who has tags prevents those without from blocking land. A second effect is that knowledge of how may tag holders there are by unit/zone as early as possible identifies any one unit or zone that may be nearing saturation. That allows us to decline memberships for any hunter with those tags that wait until after tag issue to apply for membership.


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