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May 11

From Daryl.


Thank you. Congratulations at getting done in a short time.

May 10

It's been the best spring I've ever had!

best spring

Joining the association is the best thing I've ever done.


I had great hunts the first week of the Kansas and Missouri season.

Kansas and Missouri

The second week I drove all night to get to a property in Missouri I wanted to hunt and scout for deer. I got there at about 30 min before daylight and made my way to an area I picked out on aerial maps. First note I blow on an owl call a bird gobbles no more than 100 yards from me. I get where I wanna be and when he flies down he works to within 40 yards and I tag out in Missouri in just two hunts!


To cap it all is that Josh joined in January. This was his first season with his Association.

Congratulations on making life good. Thank you for telling about it.

Small Organization

The absence of updates for the past week illustrates well the efficiency and consequences of MAHA being lightly staffed at three persons. When a computer screen goes blank and a truck's wheel bearing goes out far from home that is enough to clamp down on production. Better to lose the updates for a while than to have a large staff consuming membership dues over multiple computer work stations.

May 2

First MAHA Experience

The weather really didn’t want me to do much as it rained/stormed every other day. Hindered me on most of the roads which really limited me on accessing some of the farms. No big deal really as that is just another element in hunting. Out of 5 days I could only hunt 3 mornings due to the storms, I suppose I could have set in the storms but I opted to wait them out then hit the farms up mid morning after the rain stopped.

I got into birds every day, most just wanted to stay on the other side of the fence and my patience as a turkey hunter limits my style. I chose to “run and gun” and find birds that want to play the way I like to. Thursday afternoon I found a flock that wanted to play. 4 Toms, 3 Jakes and a few hens. At 3:00pm I killed my first Rio. What a hunt! Watching the Jakes and Toms fight was awesome, luring the hens within feet of me and eventually having all Toms/Jakes come by was excellent. Under 10 yards my first Rio banged and flopped.

Called a mature bird within 50 yards in the timber, worked him for a hour but he didn't want to come in any closer. I rarely use decoys, so I feel if I had a hen out in the old logging road he would have came closer. None the less it was a blast having it strut and gobble just out of range. As for range, I like to get them in my lap. Killing a turkey ranks near the bottom of a successful turkey hunt for me, this hunt was a success because we got to play for a solid hour. I left empty handed, except for a hefty donation via tag soup. No big deal; I got to see some great farms, chase a bird and left on knowing I would have likely had many more opportunities if I would have stayed. TC

TC turkey hunt

Thank you for sharing you hunting story. You will put a smile on a couple of faces out there as they remember their first MAHA hunt.


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