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May 2

Tracy shows well the experienced based self guided hunter picture setup.


Congratulations Tracy. It may be just one more turkey to some. A way to enjoy life outside of house/work life many will understand.

Most hunters in their Association are of a character it is not about killing. It is a separate emotion tree huggers who contact us to express their outrage cannot understand. Just as the NRA had to put up with a foreign journalist this week describing in a national publication America's fascination with guns. It is not about the gun, it is about the challenges of using a gun and all that goes along with it. We know this is preaching to the choir. It is good to incorporate Association hunters with background their Association has some of the same challenges of the larger hunter groups.

May 1

Gordon shows what he tagged this past fall.

Thank you Gordon for sharing your pictures.


Reference new memberships for those with deer hunting as a primary hunting interest. This update does not apply to other hunting interests.

We're just trying to work friendly folks. We have been getting much feedback from current members looking to sponsor into the Association new members and from prospects without sponsorship. We have heard many times this spring they will join once they draw a deer tag. Yes, it is true folks do join throughout the year. However, it is not true there are always openings available all the time.

We have said several points many times. They include:

Association lands exist for those who pay for it. Or, do not expect us to just to run out anywhere and acquire new ground due to folks calling us in July saying they have a tag for a unit we have reached our limit.

We are committed to hunt execution quality. Such a commitment begins with limiting memberships to that we can support with land. Or, land acquired over time being the best of what is available.

We have said this many times over the years in great details. More so than anyone wants to read. If you do want to read the details, please click to read the last time we wrote how it all is, titled "Working Friendly".

Current Status

Iowa was closed to new members back in February. All who we refused were told they could hunt Missouri or Kansas this fall. Iowa in fall 2018.

Every year for the last several one or more Kansas units was closed due to our concern not to over populate it with hunters. That will happen again this year. We will do so once we get a listing of unit tags from hunters confirming our trend tracking.

Sponsorship is only for getting to the top of any waiting list. Sponsorship is not a guarantee of openings.

After tag draw anyone who applies for membership with a tag for a unit where we have room and is willing to comply to our Conditions Of Membership should plan on gaining a membership.

Attempts to negotiate special consideration have all been rejected.


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