May 2017 Updates Page 2

May 8


A Missouri opening day turkey hunt to remember. Jon Sr. Kevin and Dave.


Three for three by 9 am. Days like this don't happen very often but when they do you have to thank mother nature for what she has to offer.


Kevin tagging his second of 4 birds for the season. Kevin has tagged out in both Kansas and Missouri for the past 13 seasons. Congratulations Kevin for another successful season!

May 5

Once More

A trip reminder more commonly posted over fall seasons than spring turkey turns out by events to be of value now.

Bring an extra vehicle key when traveling. Stored/held outside of the vehicle.

Tire-in-the-can inflator is valued when aluminum wheels have oxidized to steel hubs.

Cash separate from lost wallet buys fuel home.

Do not tell your wife you are hunting through MAHA when doing something else. Not what you may be thinking. He was in a casino.

May 4

In three days we filled 3 of our 4 tags and had a great hunt! Awesome properties and thanks again MAHA! -Matt


Matt turkey 17

Congratulations Matt, great hunt.


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