May 2017 Updates Page 3

May 15


Chantz turkey 1

This one was 21 1/2 pounds 10 1/4" beard and 1.25" spurs. Hands down my best turkey season ever getting two with a recurve.

Recurve turkey


Very impressive! Thank you for showing it can be done.

May 12

Upland Birds

Blizzard’s impact on pheasants uncertain BY MICHAEL PEARCE. See blizzard’s impact on pheasants uncertain

Spring Season

Two with one shot. Jeff


Good shooting Jeff. Good luck on fall bucks.

May 11

This is Jacob's first bow kill. Bearded hen.

Wow, special congratulations!

May 9

It's been a good couple days in Iowa. I've had 19 buck sightings in the last 2.5 days. Not bad for hot weather. I called this buck in this morning. Thanks again. Michael

Michael's deer

His latest above. An earlier one below.

Thank you Michael for giving us a look.


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