November 2002 Updates

26 Nov

Hunter Dollars. We received this email and pass it along. If anyone is interested, we have information on the economic contributions of hunting on a state-by-state basis available free on our website ( This research was funded and led by the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA). The research is based on expenditure data from USFWS National Survey. Go to the "Free Reports" section and select the 2001 report titled "U.S. - 2001 Economic Impacts of Hunting". We have some additional tables coming out soon in a soon-to-be printed report from the IAFWA, so keep an eye out for that. We'll have it available for download probably in mid-December.

There are some other reports available possibly of interest to agricultural land owners and agencies including some on the returns from wildlife watchers, etc. - Rob Southwick

23 Nov

Whitetail. Some guys have all the luck. Barton two hour hunt to a property he never scouted and didn't hunt until 11AM that day.

Quail hunters seem to take far fewer photos than any other group in our Association. Finding quail this year is much improved over last. This is Belle at 8 years old she hunts alone with her master and together they have had many good days in the field. This limit was over a 3/4 day mid-week hunt from several coveys.

22 Nov

Youth Hunter. Age 14 and his third buck!

20 Nov

Bruce (left) makes a fine archery harvest. An especially good buck for a full time duck hunter!

Bernie from Pennsylvania debuts with a muzzleloader trophy.


18 Nov

Admin. Before anyone comments about the small pictures on this update they were made this way to speed page opening time. Using the link [since removed as internet technology developed] associated with the pictures will gain a larger size picture.

Terry sent in a picture of this season's trophy plus some from previous years showing a good track record of successful deer hunting over the past several years.

Mark sent in his first picture for his Association web page showing what one happy hunter looks like.

Shawn debuts on his Association website with a P&Y net 153 1/2.

Jon Nee says we are not going to tell where this deer came from. But, it came from a state where tags are not drawn and from south of a river. The same region where we had land go un-reserved this season.

The old bird hunting Brittany is back again. Perhaps one of these pictures will have his owner in it as well.

Randy, one of our active duty members, Army, is pictured here with a photo added to his web page that also has an excellent letter from an earlier season.

With the recent passage of Veterans' Day we all were reminded of the many supreme sacrifices of our military service members. What most of us are not aware of are the many small inconveniences military members incur regularly. Randy and his dog, Bullet, pictured here is one such example.

This would have been Bullet's second season, however Randy is in a unit that has been caught up in the recent world events and has been on several short term and has several more temporary assignments over the course of the hunting season. The result is that this picture represents two for the four hunting days he will have this entire season.

All of us that train our own bird dogs know the value of a hard hunting season has early in the dog's hunting career. Randy's dog will miss out on this. This by itself is probably inconsequential in the greater scheme of life. However, multiply this displeasure several times over in different facets of every day living and it certainly can build character (aka surviving frustration) in the service member and his family.

Long time member Al opened a web page with two of his deer photos. We hope to see more from Al.

Another one of our active duty, Air Force, members Kenneth sent in several photos from his latest bird hunt and now has an excellent three year photo history on his web page. Kenneth proves that those that really want to hunt will find a good hunt.

Kenneth has also set up some of the most picturesque photos to be found on this website. Thank you Kenneth for taking the time to share your pictures.

14 Nov

The upland bird reports continue. This is 20+ year member Jerry Cordonnier with a 3/4 day hunt harvest. Knowing how easy Jerry is on the coveys the six quail probably represent one per covey.

13 Nov

The fall turkey season results are in and the championships for both the men's and women's division were swept by the Sharon and Bryan hunting partnership. Pictured here is Sharon. Bryan and Wayne won the men's doubles category.

We have seen a lot of this Brittany lately and in this picture he seems to be a much happier dog.

Feedback from the Kansas upland opener has generally been the hunting was good with the exception of the warm weather fatiguing both dog and hunter.

Hunting pressure has been relatively light and a limit of birds well within the reach of any hunter and fairly quickly achieved.

It appears the earlier Iowa season opener with its cold weather spoiled us and we are now experiencing the warm conditions of last year again this season. If this continue to track with last year the closer we get to December the hunting pressure will increase as more bird hunters hit the field.

9 Nov

Joshua sent in some excellent Mule Deer photos from his whitetail hunt. What a thrill it would be to see a deer like this come so close under your stand. Thanks Joshua for such a great photo.

This past Friday (day before Kansas upland bird opener) saw a good variety of non-resident license plates in the new Kansas City Cabela's parking lot and on the highways loaded with plenty of dog boxes or pulling dog trailers. It appears the number of bird hunters is up this year from last.

For those that remember the 14 Aug update where we talked about the pessimistic Pointing Dog Journal bird forecast that was a listing of conclusions without any specified analysis or decision criteria here is a picture from our last Iowa hunt. What this picture represents is that this dog now has put in the bag so far to date this season after only hunting Iowa and Missouri1/3 the total bird harvest of last season from all three states. At this rate this year's harvest will far exceed that of last season.

8 Nov

Missouri deer hunters we have land left yet un-reserved. The aerial photo at right is a case in point. This is a lease of over 1,000 acres with 80% of it in woods. This portion shown here is about 3/4's of the total property. For those of you that prefer big woods hunting and have not yet called in your reservation this property is open.

Steve sent in another photo of a deer he is after.

We get all kinds of feedback by email, telephone and by snail mail from our hunters. Some of the best are the ones that are clearly objective without any exaggeration, dramatics or emotionalism. This one via email about waterfowl hunting is just the case:

"We have been out twice. The first hunt was fair at best. The second hunt to the same unit a week later we shot 3 full limits by 10:00. Every day of duck hunting  is different. It is never dependable or predictable, but always better than working."

Upland bird reports continue with Missouri rooters coming pretty easy in the north and quail coveys ranging from 2 to 5 a day. We have yet to get a good photo of a quail harvest. Perhaps folks are finding them a bit too hard to bag? This is the same Brittany as in the photo below. This time in Missouri rather than Iowa and he does not look as tired.

The recent warm temperatures allowed for 'T' shirt hunting by noon and has damped the enthusiasm of both dog and hunter.

6 Nov

Steve cCatfish pictures from this past summer shows the time lag from success to publication. He proves there is at least one Catfish Fisherman left in the Association. He also sent a short note.

5 Nov

Waterfowl reports have been coming in and they range from those that have not bagged any and complaining about the lack of ducks believing our private wetlands inferior to public areas to the emailed note below. Nothing could better describe the 100% natural hunting we offer than having both ends of the spectrum as statements on our hunting quality come in within a day of each other.

"I have one word to say about the wetland areas during the week WOW! I hunted in [deleted] yesterday afternoon and had ducks decoying while I was throwing out my blocks. The ducks were still piling in when I picked up at end of shooting time. Looks like we are in for an excellent season as long as it doesn't freeze. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to hunt with the."

A Missouri rooster limit for two. Overall the upland hunters report more consistency at finding birds than the duck hunters for ducks. No real surprise there. Upland birds have always been more predictable than the whims of any migration (or current local ducks). And, with the bird numbers up those hunters are finding plenty to hunt.

4 Nov

Youth deer hunter. Just say wow! Eleven year old Kelsey Pingleton takes a trophy whitetail during the youth season. She now has two web pages on her Association website. Her father has three. Perhaps she will overtake her dad?

3 Nov

Pheasant. The pheasant hunting reports have been coming fairly well from several members many of whom have been kind enough to send in photos. Here is a senior Brittany that was reported to have been fairly tired after two hard days of hunting. His master was said to be equally tired after the first hunt of the season.

For those of you that chase tail here is the mark to beat from an Iowa pheasant, 24 5/8 inches.

Reminder for those hunting Iowa that Iowa has restrictive shooting hours of 8AM to 430PM.

Maps. Second Map Mailing. We have the final map mailing to the printer and plan to have them in the mail by Wednesday at the latest. This mailing mainly consists of trimming unutilized upland bird acreage in Western and Central Kansas that was seriously affected by the drought. An example from the first mailing is deleting Graham County Kansas, Unit B. Over the years this was one of the clubs most productive pheasant properties with over 800 acres of native CRP grass. Because of drought relief ordinances the landowner was allowed to turn the CRP grass over to his cattle for grazing, which virtually destroyed the habitat.

We've also taken advantage of this mailing to clean up some old maps.

We waited until the last minute to analyze the reservations and dues renewals for the months of August, September and October, which are over 40% of the clubs income to make a final decision on how much upland land we need to add or delete. The deer, turkey and waterfowl renewals have remained stable during these sluggish economic times, but the upland renewals have declined. Right now, reservations for Western Kansas upland bird hunting is the slimmest in the history of the club having land in Western Kansas, but our landowners have reported decent upland populations so don't let the reports spook you from hunting Western Kansas.

Currently, we have over 100 members on the inactive status, which has a major impact on the clubs land lease budget. Long term, we are forced to make changes to the definition and eligibility of the "Inactive" status.

Waterfowl. Good news for those that enjoy waterfowl hunting Linn County Missouri, Unit A. We cut a hole in the dam of the upper irrigation lake on the west marsh to fill the pools in front of blinds #5 and #6. We're not sure there will be enough water to totally fill both pools but it should be huntable by next weekend. After we drain the lake to capacity we are going to install a 10 inch pipe with a valve to use in the event of future drought conditions.

Also, we would like to apologize to everyone that had to park at the gate and walk to the blinds in Holt County last week. If we get any significant rain the landowner is locking the gate to avoid rutting his road. This is one exception that ATV's are encouraged since it's at least a 2 mile walk on foot.

The new detailed map of Holt County, Unit A has a special regulation that needs to be honored at all times. Several members have attempted to enter the duck blinds by using the west levee road that has a sign saying "no vehicle access". We are not allowed to use this easement under any circumstances. This includes ATVs. The only access for the members to the duck blinds is the southeast gate in Section 17. If it is locked we need to park and walk or use ATVs.

Don't overlook the irrigation lakes in Cass County and Bates County Unit D.

Missouri Deer Reservations. If you haven't made your Missouri firearms deer reservation please try to do so real soon to avoid a last minute scramble.

Also, once again, if you have made a reservation it's final. Don't call at the last minute to see where everyone is going and try to change it.

1 Nov

Iowa Pheasant. Recent member feedback as well as your Association staffers' first hand experience hunting Iowa pheasants shows what the lower spring rainfall predicted and that bird numbers are up from last year. The Iowa hunting was a bit tough due to many of the fields still in crop, especially the corn fields where the birds seemed to be encouraged to run. Otherwise, there were plenty of brush filled drains to occupy our time. As seem in this picture the lateness of the hour tells when the last bird was bagged.

These particular birds came from a unit no one reserved for the opening week. We went there to review the land and found: the most number of birds in one field 13; the most roosters bagged from one field 2 and the number of fields hunted, as many as we could fit into daylight.

The weather was also cooperating with frost covered grass in the morning and cool temperatures all day.


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