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1 November

Great Youth Hunt
Had a great hunt this past weekend...lots of critters to keep us company and entertained, plenty of deer, and the weather certainly cooperated. We also had the opportunity to meet the landowner during this trip...they came in with their equipment Friday evening and starting combining their beans. Worked until midnight then back again around 9:00 Saturday morning until around 10:00 that night. We didn't see them again before we left Sunday, so I expect they may have taken the day off. They were picking the fields adjacent to and on both sides of the creek bottom we were hunting and I panicked at first but then accepted the fact that these were the circumstances and I couldn't do anything to change them. Some might believe this would ruin the hunting but we found it was just the opposite...all the activity seemed to do nothing at the least or maybe even had the deer up and moving around more at best. Each of my two youngest kids were able to hang their respective tag on a nice doe Sunday morning. Although we saw plenty of bucks, they both seemed to be very satisfied with taking a big doe. The landowner expressed a keen interest in seeing more does taken on this particular property so I expect they'll be happy to hear of our results. However, for the record...based on what I saw this past weekend, I really wish I were back up there in a bow stand right now...

This area of the state has been very good to us....we always seem to find the hunting very productive and sometimes almost easy. I don't like using that term because I know there's always more to it, but I can't express enough how much we enjoy these particular farms. Can't wait to get back up there at the soonest opportunity... Matt

Thank you Matt for the lesson of taking doe even in the presence of lesser bucks.

The Other Side
"...Chaifetz [animal-rights activist] is honest enough to admit that a total phase-out of hunting is his goal...."
Sorry, but this dog wont hunt, Paul Mulshine, October 31, 2007, The Star Ledger, New Jersey.

Each success no matter how small is one more step to their goal.
"...The Society of St. Vincent de Paul has reluctantly canceled a donkey basketball fundraiser scheduled for this weekend after getting a flood of protests from animal rights activists...In response, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals posted an "urgent action alert" on its Web site calling on animal rights activists to petition St. Vincent de Paul and Lumen Christi officials to cancel what it called a "cruel and archaic" event..."
Citizen Patriot, Michigan, Jackson charity cancels donkey basketball after protests, October 31, 2007.

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