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2 November

Not a monster, but a mature buck I took on Halloween.

Thanks Craig for the buck picture and taking a antlerless one. Good balance.

1 November

From Jeremy's recent hunt.

"...TONS of turkeys...I see them almost every day...

Last night was pretty amazing. I had does all over me. They were coming from every single direction. What was curious about it was that when I was walking in around 2:30, I heard the combine and I knew the sunflowers on the creek were about all that was left to be cut. I thought, "Well there goes my evening hunt." Sure enough when I got in my stand, I saw the combine pop up over the distant rise. But then it turned and went back. I thought maybe it wouldn't make it to me tonight and I would be ok. Well about 5:00, the deer started moving. I had about 5 does in the field and they were working their way toward me when suddenly the combine decided to cut all the way to me. This became my second pass on my second giant DEERE of the year. I know, I gotta quit passing up those giant Deere!

Anyway, say all that to say, the does never gave that thing a second glance. Not once. They never even acknowledged it was there. Less than 100 yards. The farmer made one pass and never came back but I don't think it would have mattered if he had.

There was no wind so they didn't ever really spook which I was SO thankful for. When a couple got to within 5 yards, they picked up my presence and really looked me over and tested the air, but they would only jump and trot 10 feet and then walk back to me. If they busted me moving my head, I just gave a "Hoot!" and they would shake their heads in disgust and go back to grazing. It was an incredible night to see that many does and NO bucks. That has got to be a great farm here in another week!

...[video October 26] 7 point with does behind him that he completely ignored. I'm shocked that a buck like that cares less about does this time of year."

Video 1
Video 2

Thank you Jeremy. Current conditions are always of great interest. With video proof of rut status is interesting.

30 October

The hosting service that has the MAHA maps web site sold to an overseas provider not capable of handling the data. Promised fixes never materialized. A final fix is in process.


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