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November 3

Linn Wetlands

Mo Ducks

As of 10/28 water was still draining from the west holding lake to the marsh. The 2 foot extension on the overflow pipe considerably helped provide additional water.

As of 11/1 the north and south marsh are completely full.

A view of wade-in 7 from the south facing north.

A view of the south marsh from the south facing north, lots of water. We are going to move wade-in 9 to the south end of the south marsh since there is so much food and water. The map will be revised shortly.

All of the water was moved from the east holding lake and the water was also drained from the blind 4 pool. This is a view from the south facing north of the blind 3 pool.

The old house which was a good marker for the dirt road leading to the west marsh was dozed and rebuilt. There is now a sign with a reflector as a marker. This year the dirt road will be muddy. If it rains be prepared to park and walk. The walk is 1/4 to 1/2 mile. The dirt road is 1 mile from the intersection of 139 and Berry Rd. Also, there is a grain bin east of the dirt road.

All we need now is some cold weather and a push of ducks.

November 2

.... I had a good hunt, I went at the end of April and got into lots of gobbling. Some rainy weather but not to bad. My plan was to kill a turkey with a bow. It all worked out great until I missed a 10 yard shot with the video camera rolling! I broke out the 12 gauge and a gobbler fell later that morning!...


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