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November 4

Glad to see they are still there.

evening buck

best buck

Conditions Of Membership

Paragraph 14 about dogs.

Our governing principle for dogs is similar to our prohibition against videoing hunts for commercial gain. Ideas concerning dogs are the Association exists for hunt execution quality, not promotion of a breeder, trainer, handler or field trialer. This Association exists for the common man dog hunter who is out there to enjoy his personal recreation time with a good buddy who will work his heart out for him.

November 3

Just had this guy come by this morning. He was tempting, just have way too much time left to find a bigger one.



Thank you for sharing your hunt.

November 2

A view from blind 9 in Linn Co.

Linn MO

Click to see large picture.

November 1

The weather was unseasonably warm, 83 degrees on Saturday! So as a result we did not see very many deer. Myra made a great 160 yd shot on her first buck when he stepped out on the cut bean field. She was very happy and more good memories were made! Thanks for providing the opportunity to hunt quality private land with my children.

Congratulations Myra, special day!

Conditions Of Membership

8. b. Only activities listed as permissible are allowed on Association land and each requires a reservation.

c. Any activity not listed as permissible is by its absence not allowed on Association land.

Your Association is a limited organization. Limited to the range of hunters it accepts and activities allowed. It would be impossible to list every permeation of what folks would want to have if their world was perfect. These two conditions make it all simple and clear.

October 31

I went out to hunt doe this morning , but couldn't pass up this 4.5 year old 10 pt...

Scott deer

Thank you Scott.


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