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November 30, 2017


Kevin with another very nice buck.

Kevin with another very nice buck due to his off the chart effort to get the job done. Congrats once again Kevin!


November 29, 2017


 deer huntunghunting deer

Hi Susie,

I ended up getting a pretty good buck on opening day, here are the pictures. That area in (delete) county is a great place to hunt (successful or not), so thanks for your help and take care. Josh

Good job Josh and thanks for the feedback. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the little ones involved in a couple of years!


November 28, 2017

Upland Bird

Upland Bird Pheasant Hunt

The weather has been mild and dry the last couple of weeks which has created difficult conditions for all species of hunting, but success has been had by a few.


Deer huntung

Reminder to everyone the Iowa Gun Season runs from 12-2 to 12-6 and 12-9 to 12-17.

At this time, we would encourage upland bird hunters to hunt Missouri since the pressure has been minimal and the firearms deer season is behind us.


November 27, 2017

Deer Success

hunting deer buck hunting deer buck

I just wanted to say thank you for all you all do. I was able to harvest two bucks this year in two days of hunting on club land with a bow. I look forward to many, many years with the club. Nate.

Congratulations Nate! The 2017 season will be one to remember.

Kansas Firearms Deer

Kansas Firearms Deer season runs from November 29 to December 10. Upland bird hunters must understand the farms reserved by deer hunters during this period of time are not available to bird hunt and safety is an issue.

Pheasant and Quail Reservations

quail and pheasant hunting dog

Please note the following rule which is included in the Conditions of Membership:

19. Upland Bird Hunting:
B. No hunter is allowed to hunt the same upland bird unit more than two calendar days per 30 day period of the season.

This restriction is in place to help reduce pressure on our upland bird leases from a small percentage that will take more than their fair share given the opportunity.


November 24, 2017


hunting deer buck

Harvested this buck November 12 at 12:30 pm. I had him officially scored and he comes in at 169" gross and 161" net. - Dave

Congratulations Dave for another very nice buck. Good thing you didn't break for lunch the 12th!

November 22, 2017


 hunting ducks

Early season we had a good push of ducks move down and the members had plenty to work with like Travis’s family in the photo above. Many of the small ducks have moved on so the best mallard hunting should be from now until the end of the season.


waterfowl duck blind

Late season being concealed is key. We were heavy with the pin oaks while covering the blinds in October. If the front of your blind is open feel free to pull some pin oaks from the back to the front of your blind.

November 21, 2017


Missiouri Whitetail Deer Hunt

Hello All,

I just wanted to pass along a bit of recent success. It came with much work and much time spent in the woods. In fact I've hunted harder this year than any other year in 17 years. This deer was taken in (deleted) with a gun and it is a great representative of a mature Missouri Whitetail. For those members that are willing to put in the time and work involved to take a mature buck the opportunity is there. The variety farms and habitat is also key! Thanks again for all you do and feel free to share the pics for other MAHA members to be inspired by. Kris

A big congrats to Kris for a hard-earned great deer!


Hidden Farm

Osage D has not been used this season and most likely it has not since it is in Kansas Deer Unit 14. Osage D is a 160 acre farm.


November 20, 2017


Deer Bow Hunt Deer Hunt Bow

Well, 2017 is over.  My brother and I came out in late October for our annual bow hunt, unfortunately my son was unable to make it.  I took a large doe morning 1, my brother took a doe on day 4.  The hunt took a turn and slowed to a trickle for the next four or five days but signs of the run kicking in kept us optimistic.  We sat thru three days of of overcast, misty, windy days and on the last misty day it all came together.  My brother took a nice wide nine point during the morning hunt and I took my best buck at last light in the evening.  The buck was a 12 point with extreme mass and height roughly measuring 165.  One arrow and a 15 yard recovery and it was all over.  I wish my pics were better representations, but unfortunately they don't show the buck's grandeur.  His g2s and g3s were 10 to 11 inches, bases of 6.5 inches in diameter, brows 6 to 6.5 inches.


Missouri Deer

The new farms in Atchison A, C, E, and Holt A, B ,C were not utilized during the firearms season which should create some late season deer hunting opportunity.

Thanks to everyone for the Update photos and feedback. We work extremely hard to scout and secure the leases. Feedback and success photos are a compliment for our efforts as a team.


November 17, 2017

Upland Birds

Upland Birds Dogs

Hunted on Sunday and Monday of this week. Sunday was mostly quail with a few pheasants. My dogs moved 5 coveys, 1 of which flushed wild. Lots of singles mixed in with 2 roosters. The dogs did their part and the birds were steady all day.

Monday I hunted had my limit by 10:30. I had 3 birds by 8:00 am. lots of pheasants. Couldn't have asked for a better opener!


Tree Stands

Reminder, reservations are required for all land usage including scouting and tree stand removal.


November 15, 2017


Joe with an old buck Old Buck Deer

Joe with an old buck. Congrats Joe for a three-year run of great success!

Iowa Zone 5

Anyone with a zone 5 Iowa deer tag, we would like to pass on the landowner in Marion A 2, 3 and 4 would like some does harvested.

Tree Stands

Earlier we mentioned several landowners complained about tree stands being left on their land, especially inexpensive ladder stands. Reminder, all tree stands must be removed by the end of the season. Please do so to help maintain good relations with our landowners.


November 14, 2017

Kansas Pheasant and Quail

Kansas Pheasant and Quail

Gunner and Jade Bird dogs

Gunner and Jade

The feedback from the opener of the Kansas upland bird season was mixed. Some of the better pheasant regions were not up to the expectations of the reports but time and weather will only tell. Reports on quail were above average which is always encouraging. Appreciate the photos from Steve and Steve.


November 13, 2017

Missouri Deer

Bruce buck firearms season with a bow

Bruce with a nice buck taken during the firearms season with a bow which is a unique task. Congrats Bruce!

Middle Zone Duck

A reminder the Middle Zone duck season has a split and the duck season is closed until November 16, but goose season is still open.


November 11, 2017

Kansas Pheasant and Missouri Firearm Deer Opener

Saturday is opening day for both the Kansas pheasant and Missouri gun season. This is by far the busiest weekend of the year. We wish everyone the best of luck and please be safe at all times with all aspects of both seasons.

If you have success please take some photos so we can share them with the members.

November 10, 2017



Heath with another mature whitetail to add to his collection. This guy definitely puts in the time and effort to make it happen. Congrats Heath, there is a lot of season left for you and your boys to enjoy. Good luck and thanks for the photos.


November 9, 2017


 archery buck of a lifetime

Seven year member Bryan with a recent archery buck of a lifetime. Your success has been amazing over the years. A big congrats to Bryan!

Missouri Firearms Deer

We would like to remind everyone with an opening day Missouri Firearms Deer reservation the Friday before has been blocked off for you to place stands or rest the farm since the Missouri gun season is a major event.

November 8, 2017


 waterfowl duck

The marsh looks fantastic. Early flight activity was incredible. Andrew and I limited out by 8:45.

Thanks for all the hard work,


Kansas Land

Upland bird and deer hunting

A photo of a recently acquired 160 acre lease for upland bird and deer hunting confirmed Tuesday.


November 7, 2017



My first year as a MAHA member, my first hunt in the mid west period. It was all I was expecting, challenging but very exciting.



November 6, 2017


 duck dog hunt blind

For the first time in a long while the North and Middle Zones opened on the same day, which was last Saturday. The feedback has been slow, but these guys had a slow opener Saturday, but really got into them on Sunday. It’s amazing what a little wind can do.


 duck dog hunt blind

We work very hard preparing the wetlands and blinds during the off season. It is very gratifying watching it all come together. Please note usage during the weekdays is minimal compared to the weekends. if you prefer to hunt solo, weekdays are the way to go.

 The next 2 weeks are peak usage for all species of hunting in the Association. We wish everyone the best of luck and please be safe at all times!

November 3, 2017 

Archery Deer

Missouri deer Jon

From first year member Jon Thursday am; "This was my second morning ever hunting with MAHA. Thanks for the awesome farms. Off to the next state". A big congrats to Jon, that's a great buck!!

Missouri Firearms Spots

As of 11-2 we have 141 firearms deer reservations for opening day of the Missouri firearms season, which is November 11. A lot of the best looking spots from the road and aerial photos are reserved, but we still have over 200 firearms deer spots available for opening day.

We've been in this business for a long time and have observed how mature whitetail bucks can escape the best looking farms from the road and aerial photos during the firearms season.

Farms with small nooks and crannies are ideal escape habitat for mature bucks and we have a lot of them. If you know anyone interested in joining the Association for Missouri deer hunting we have openings at this time.

Missouri Upland Bird Reservations Opening Weekend of Firearms Deer will be closed November 11 and 12  for safety purposes and respect to adjoining landowners.

Reminder, the Missouri firearms deer season closes November 20th.


November 2, 2017

Youth Deer

My two older girls and I were able to slip down for the MO youth hunt that we always look forward for.  We just had Saturday to hunt again this year but we made the best of it!  Last year was 85 degrees so the 35 degree morning was a lot different and welcomed this year.  The deer were up and moving because of it.  In the morning we saw 7 nice 8 point but just were not able to get lined up in time and he caught us moving a bit.  The girls decided they wanted to shoot a buck with more points than their previous bucks so we passed a few.  In the evening we saw 11 deer and Naarah made a good shot on an nice doe.  Good memories were made again this year.  Thanks for the opportunity to hunt private land in different states!

An exceptional archery whitetail harvested by member Buck. Congrats Buck, its prime time right now. Be Safe everyone!


November 1, 2017


tyler deer hunt

Tyler with a nice Missouri youth season buck from from this past weekend. Good job Tyler. You've had great success the past couple of years with your father and brother for both deer and turkey. Keep up the good work Tyler!

Missouri and Iowa Upland Bird Hunting

Missiouri Kansas Upland Bird Hnting

Missouri and Iowa upland bird season is now open. The first 2 weeks of November is peak rut for deer. Our southern Iowa and north Missouri leases will be very busy with deer hunters the next couple of weeks. Since a lot of crops are still in the fields and the cover is thick and green, we recommend Missouri and Iowa bird hunters to wait until the Missouri firearms deer season closes (November 20) to make upland reservations, especially for those travelling a long distance.


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