October 2003 Updates

28 Oct

The buddy hunt list has been sent out without two late additions. Those two hunters will receive a copy of the list without their names and are asked to make the first telephone calls to others on the list. If there are others that would like to get involved with the buddy hunt list please call the office at 816-761-3636.

Maps. We had mistakes on the maps that needs to be addressed. Keep the old Wright County Missouri Unit A, B and C. We accidentally changed Wright B to Wright A. This was an error. Also, in Wright C delete the farm north of 60 Hwy which is sections 26 and 24.

Harrison County Missouri, Unit B delete all of the acreage north of Section 25, which includes sections 7, 10, 11,12,13,14 and 19

Daviess County Missouri, Unit C Delete section 20.

Atchison Missouri, Unit B delete.

Henry County Missouri, Unit D- Blind #1 was moved to the SW corner of the lake but does not have water as of 10-27-03.

Henry County Missouri, Unit C- Blind #1 is gone.

Growing pains. The CD-ROM is designed for PC's only, and not designed to run on MAC, and unfortunately, there are no future plans to support MAC with the CD-ROM. There is an Adobe Acrobat Reader for MAC that can be downloaded for free their website. All of the menus for the CD are HTML (web pages) which should work in a web browser on a MAC.

The auto run feature for the CD may not work. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader and try accessing the files on the CD-ROM directly. It is possible that once the files are accessed directly, that the HTML and Acrobat files will work, but I cannot guarantee this.

Soon, the maps will be posted for member-only online use and download on the Internet, which can be accessed from most web browsers. This will be a viable alternative for the MAC users.

Another alternative found by Kenneth Rosson is to insert the CD, open the CD, and double-click on "StartHere.htm."  This should open Internet Explorer and all works great from that point on.

21 Oct

Signs. Members that want to help us post our land please contact us at our office, 816-761-3636, and we’ll send out some signs.

Duck blind work is scheduled for Henry County this weekend and volunteers are needed. Please call the office 816-761-3636 for details.

Map CD's will be sent out soon. While many agree this improvement is very worthwhile some have expressed dissatisfaction at having to learn how to use a CD. Overall this improvement works towards everyone's benefit as it reduces costs and will lead to a better system of on line maps to ensure all have the most current land updates from contracting that is a year round process. Also, all members must ensure they have the updated maps as we have found members this year hunting on outdated maps and on land no longer under lease. Both the landowner and we consider this trespassing.

Deer. Already some hunters that made 30-day deer hunting reservations are calling in changes. Make sure of your reservations as we frown on such rapid changes. Also, it is one numbered property per hunter per day with some members trying to push our secretary into additional land. That will not happen. Make your reservations with good judgment, hunt them and then change as you progress through your hunt.

Crops. For those hunting Iowa this weekend the fields are about 99% in crops so remember not to adversely impact on the landowner's income source.

20 Oct

Reservations. The rush on the first of the regular season telephone reservations went smooth this year with the great majority of the Association hunters prepared with the correct land identification which kept the telephone calls short allowing us to be thorough at recording everyone's hunt and be timely at getting to the next calls. We certainly thank those that were prepared.

13 Oct

Buddy Hunts. Last call for the buddy hunt list. To get on it email your name, telephone number, hunting preference (whitetail, upland, etc.), if you have a dog and type of dog (pointer, retriever, flusher). We will consolidate all on one listing and mail it to all that are on the list. The hunters then call around to see who they want to hunt with. For those that have emailed their information in we should have it. All may email the info again just to double check.

Admin. Please remember we work many more hours in the office before and after our published open hours of 9 to 530, Monday through Friday. For members that try to call in outside of these hours we do not answer the telephone. This is not to be nasty, it is that we have a lot of work and we need to apportion our time just as all of you do in your jobs. The 9 to 530 is when we man the office with our secretary to handle routine reservations. The benefit to the members is that we are working on better land and have been very successful.

Deer Tag. A few deer hunters continue to attempt to make reservations to hunt without having sent in a copy of their deer tag. In the case of two that insisted on reservations we called up the Kansas Wildlife and Parks to see if their names were listed as having been awarded a buck tag and they had not. We have been in this business a long time and know the tricks some hunters attempt to play and will prevent them.

Once in the past we had a hunter hunting in a unit with a buck tag, but for a different unit. He was caught on a routine drive by KDWPs officer check. That established our reputation with that one KDWP officer as a bad organization. Second point are those hunters attempting to block land to support a family member or friend with a buck tag. We prevent that as well.

We advertise this "bad" news here to prevent its reoccurrence.

For those with doe tags that insist on hunting during the early portion of the buck season Woodson A & B are open to such hunts and will assist that area with doe reduction.

10 Oct

Quail. A member's fine new quail dig at 9 months old this month.

Lease land. A view from this week's Iowa land run.

8 Oct

Deer. Rhett sent in this game camera photo of a buck he is after. He has been able to get eyes on while in stand, just not close enough. He also told us of a smaller non-typical in the area as well. Good luck Rhett, let's hope the next picture is of you with the buck in your truck.

Safety. The safety points on the last update prompted several more from other members. A very good idea is to ensure the hunter's significant other has the Association's telephone number when the hunter is away on hunting trips. The Association reservation book will tell where the hunter is hunting and this combined with his lodging telephone number provides two avenues for loved ones to contact a hunter.

A second point about abandoned homesteads is they often have lose boards with exposed nail points and machinery camouflaged by grass both of which can cause damage to a hard charging dog.

6 Oct

Lease land. A result of this year's land contracting process has been an increase in both the cost of land and the competitiveness of bidding with other individuals that are willing to pay more money for a small amount of land. From this we have identified membership dues increase will be necessary and will be determined in March 2004.

Two dynamics that has also contributed toward this price increase has been the advent of more landowners with internet access reading this update page and our posted membership fees. They believe they are entitled to more payments when comparing their land contracts payments to the membership levels and dues. What they do not consider is all land is not equal in value and they have no understanding of the overhead involved in running a hunting Association.

The second has been members telling some landowners their land is the best they have seen for a single specific game type. The landowners then relays that to us at contracting as leverage to demand a price increase. The failing here is we lease land for multiple use. With this system we gain a better return for our cost. If all we were to do were to lease deer habitat then the deer hunters would have to expect to pay much more for their membership than they do. Since that same land leased for deer hunting also has quail habitat (in the right region of the state) we then have several hunters paying for that land rather than one deer hunter. Hence our prices are very much less than those of most other pay to hunt, small acreage organizations and all members continue to hunt without counting boot prints as this multiple use land is throughout all regions we lease.

We shared this just to offer a little insight as to why it is the way we operate. Good luck to all this hunting season.

Safety. A fellow member offers these points. First, while traveling country roads at night tractors always look farther away than they are and with their slower travel speed a hunter's vehicle will come up on them faster than may be expected.

Country road intersections are largely unregulated by stop signs meaning each direction has equal right of way. It is always better to slow down and look before crossing any country road intersection even though the vast majority of the time no other vehicle is coming down the other road.

Abandoned homesteads found on many properties easily attract a hunter's attention as he wonders how it must have been to live in such remote places without any services. The hazard is the sometimes covered, sometimes not hand dug pool wells that are always somewhere near the old dwelling, sometimes empty and sometimes with water. Both hunter and dog may find themselves taking a plunge if not careful.

Safety has always been the first rule of all hunters.

2 Oct

Maps. We're planning to distribute the new maps this year in two separate batches. The first will be mailed on CD on or around the 15th of October. The second batch will be available online soon thereafter. As soon as we are able to post the maps online we can keep up deletions, additions, small changes and mistakes as soon as they occur, which will be an ongoing process 12 months out of the year.

Please bear with us through this transition as we will have a few bugs to tweet and it will be a first for us as well as you. We're experimenting with a sample right now to get a hands on feeling of how they print at home and at local print shops.

We're converting from paper to CD for one very simple reason, to save a lot of money which can help offset the rising cost of leases that we are seeing every time we renew leases.

For the time being, if you are concerned with making early reservations work off the current maps because all of the leases remaining are more than enough to get by until the new maps are distributed.

1 Oct

Duck Blinds. Due to the rain this week the rippy cutting and required bulldozer work was not completed. The work on Henry County wetlands is delayed until next weekend. This weekend we will work in Holt County. We apologize for the late notice. Please contact us at 816-761-3636 or email to get details if you would like to help.

A picture from last weekend's duck blind camouflaging work detail in Linn County. Thank you to all that helped out.

From 10 PM the 29th to noon on the 30th of September we had a steady, region wide rain helping out both the wetland's water levels and the winter wheat growth. Also, most of the alfalfa had its last fall cutting earlier and this rain will help the last of its fall growth before going dormant.


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