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1 October

Spotted this nice tom sneaking along a deer trail picking at acorns. A nicely placed arrow at 33 yards put him down for good. It was a great challenge just getting the bow off the holder and into position, let alone getting drawn on this wary tom. The next 35 minutes were even better as I watched a nice 8 pointer dog three does all over a bean field. Another great MAHA evening. Best of luck.

Congratulations Steve! To arrow a turkey from a deer stand gets the wow effect. Tough enough to do from a blind. Thank you for the story and picture. Good luck with the rest of the hunt.

2 October

These wetlands summer work progress reports are intended to keep the waterfowl hunter side of the membership as informed as possible on the maintenance conducted so as to make for better decisions of where to hunt.

Henry B where we did all the work last summer and groomed it this summer. This is the south side of the new wade-in area facing north. The brush piles were burned and pushed out and we groomed it to drain easier next year to plant a hard crop if flood water does not prevent us from doing so. We planted Jap millet late and it looks like it will head out within the next week. We have the pipe open ready to go with one of the best natural water sources available on club land.

This is the north end of the new wade-in area facing SW. Part of the Jap millet has already seeded out and the remainder will do so soon. Very successful project for what I had to work with. The field was solid brush and thick canary grass. The millet should keep the canary grass down until we can bring in a disc next spring.

A pit blind the landowner installed in Henry C to replace blind # 1 that was washed out by flood water. He thinks he shot the top of the blind a couple inches above the water level. It's real close, so we'll have to wait and see if it works or gets covered up with water. There is a very good stand of Japanese millet surrounding the blind, so if it works, it will be a low profile set up in an area with a lot of ducks.

3 October

Land Update
Some pictures highlighting some of the new land added to the online maps. All three pictures are of the same lease.

A photo taken of a new lease for 07 that includes habitat for with quail, deer and turkey.

The back side of the picture above. The main creek line runs for a 1/2 mile through the land seen in these pictures.

The high ground.

4 October

Kansas Land
This fall was been warm with good rains. Fall planting of wheat and alfalfa has done well. Wheat will pull the deer from the bean fields. Just a note for the non-residents that are not familiar with agriculture in the midwest. Another new lease for 07 in NC Kansas.

An existing Missouri lease that was planted to native grass. In this particular region of the state the crp will benefit the deer and turkey hunting.

While renewing an old lease that has been in the club for 10 plus years 3 deer walked across the landowner's back yard and we were lucky to have a camera within reach. The landowner said we need to harvest more doe. The two farms he was referring to were Atchison Missouri, Unit C section 23 and Atchison Missouri, Unit D Section 4.

Bruce, Jon and the gang have been keeping busy working the duck blinds on the weekends. We've completed everything in the north zone and Henry B in the Middle Zone is complete. We have some dry blinds in the Henry County, but any type of run off rain can turn things around over night. Shown is a blind that was washed out by floodwater in early July. We disassembled the blind and moved it to another location on the same waterfowl area.

On a dry year when water is hard to come by it is nice to have some holding water to move into the marshes since pumping is usually not possible as the rivers and streams may not have enough water to pump. Fortunately, we have at least one water reservoir to work with as displayed in the photo below.

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