October 2008 Updates

1 October

Tree leaves and annual weeds have begun turning. Corn is mostly turned and beans range from just turning yellow to brown. The Bur Oaks have dropped. The rut is on with fresh rubs showing. Winter wheat and fall planted alfalfa is highly variable ranging from just planted to three inches. Local night and day temperatures indicate we are on track as predicted for an earlier rather than a later hard frost.

Spring and fall rains have made for later crops, more beans than corn in Missouri, Iowa and more milo in Kansas. Wheat within our Kansas areas seems equal to last season. Alfalfa continues on the decline being over taken by grains.

CRP has declined due to hay/grazing release as well as withdrawals. Much of the remaining CRP is in program variations prohibiting hay/grazing.

Pictured below is one of our Iowa leases from September 22, not that long ago and before crops, leaves started turning. This lease appears deceptive from the road. Part of that self guided challenge is the necessity to walk over that next ridge or down the drainage to see what is there as aerials are frequently not telling. Consistent hunter reports also are suspect as no one gives away or expected to tell of there finds. Those that do send in pictures need not tell where and we don't ask. What is constant is when your Association staff spends member money it is spent as if it was our own and pays for what we want, meaning we look at it before any contract is made and the land must have value. Even if from the road it appears bleak.

Some of that country humor.

Another MAHA tradition every fall, Rippy Grass. The toughest job involved with putting together the waterfowl leases is gathering and storing rippy grass to cover the blinds. Hand labor during the heat of late summer. This year, the flood waters in the river bottoms made rippy grass a high demand item, we were able to get a good load.

While we enjoy the last of the mild weather a reminder from last year of what lies ahead.

Thanks Mike.


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