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1 October

The 2009 fall harvest is on.

This picture series is from the last several day's of land runs.

A photo of an existing lease where much to our and the dozen or so Association hunters that help post signs frustration is this lease was completely absent of signs and was again posted A good deer lease.

The abundance of soybeans reflects in many areas the wet spring delaying corn planting beyond spring cutoff.

Bird ground being always easier to photograph than deer land.

A good quail farm within a larger long running quail region. Grain and cover repeated many times over.

While on the road, we've seen an above average number of young turkeys in all three states.

Turkeys being easier to photograph than pheasant or quail do well to represent the good hatch this year showing many young birds.

There is much good this season with more anticipation than average for the good hunts to come.

Deer Tags
All those that have a Kansas and/or Iowa deer tag, both resident and non-resident need to provide a readable copy of that tag by FAX, 816-765-5464, email (jpg), or snail mail: MAHA, 11922 Grandview Road, Grandview Missouri 64030. Thanks.


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