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1 October

Waterfowl Water

Despite this summer’s drought we will have enough water to accommodate our waterfowl hunters this fall. A large percentage of our managed wetlands dried up this summer but we want to remind everyone we have many ponds, irrigation and watershed lakes with good water.

Many of our irrigation lakes were pumped way down, but recent rainfall brought most back to huntable standards.

Missouri waterfowl wetlands conditions

A view of Cass B pond 3. The recent rain boosted the growth of the natural vegetation in all of the lakebeds. The water is into the weeds right now. Any addition rainfall will enhance the conditions and more rainfall will eventually come.

A close up of the vegetation that has grown in the lakebeds in Cass County, Missouri. The dominant vegetation is smartweed and millet, which is good feed for both the ducks and geese.

A view of pond 5 from the south facing north.

A view of pond 4 from the north facing south. 2/3rds of the lily pads were removed from the lakebed, which was definitely to the advantage of both the hunting and fishing of this large body of water.

Last weekend we completed our work in Henry County Missouri, Unit B. We installed the gate on our new 24” intake pipe. The Japanese millet is doing well on the north and south wade-in area. We’re looking forward to watching this project evolve.

We have not personally checked out the water level on the irrigation lakes in Vernon County Missouri, but they have had more rainfall than Cass County, so we’re assuming they are in good shape.


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