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1 October

Continuing series from one hunter.


The same letter sent by USPS to all Association hunters several weeks ago.

To all Association Hunters,

Good news, our progress continues with developing an online map and reservation system which will include aerial photos and GPS coordinates for every farm. This new map website and reservation system will be accessible from all internet capable devices and browsers.

We want to make this transition as user friendly as possible.  We will begin with an in office only test software package that will be in place sometime during the fall hunting season. This will allow us to identify any possible problems. Any faults will be corrected before full implementation and 24/7 use by Association members. We expect to have the system fully operational by the spring turkey season.

To access the new map and reservation website the software will require an email address (provided by member) and password (assigned by the Association).  Right now, to move forward we need an email address from everyone. Please email your email address to jbnee6@sbcglobal.net    

For anyone that does not have internet access, we will still be taking phone reservations during the regular business hours, Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm CST.

For those that are not aware, we have an online club newsletter, which we refer to as the Update Page on our website www.midwesthunt.com. We recommend that everyone follow the Updates to keep up with club current events and changes. There will be more details to come on the administrative side to address software development and user implementation. Ultimately, the current Conditions of Membership will capture all of these details into one complete user's guide. Until that consolidation is complete, the Update Page will be the primary means of communication.

Everyone should carefully read the recently updated Association Conditions of Membership (Club Rules). They were updated on midwesthunt.com August 6, 2013 and mahamaps.com August 28, 2013. There have been changes. Some changes are increased restrictions while other changes are in anticipation of the soon to develop online map and reservation system.  Below are several restrictions and changes that deserve recognition:

*Land usage, which includes all types of hunting, inclusive of all tags both archery and firearms from all 3 states plus camera/ stand placement and scouting are limited to 4 days total.                                                                                                                 
*No hunter is allowed to hunt the same upland bird unit more than two calendar days per 30 day period of the season.
* Spouses have 2 levels of Membership; refer to Conditions of Membership 6 (2).
*Kansas, Iowa and Missouri deer tag recipients are required to send by email, snail mail or fax a copy of their tag to the MAHA office before reservations can be accepted.

Once again, please email your email address to jbnee6@sbcglobal.net and we'll move forward with our development. Thanks, MAHA Staff

The August 6 2013 copy of the Association Conditions of Membership.

Behind The Scenes

Some may have noticed the Association has reduced its land acreage inventory. What was not advertised is we reduced the Association membership cap from 850 to 800. This was accomplished through natural attrition and other means. This reflects our increasing age of finding that less work is better. It is also a quality improvement both in membership and land.

30 September

...some ground that I had only seen once, but was impressed with what I saw, it paid off. Thanks again Ronnie

Congratulations. Thank you.


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