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2 October

This is a photo [late summer] of the new land in Anderson County the timbered farm from the hwy facing east.

Currently, beans have turned and leaves droped. Much corn has been cut. Tree leaves are beginning their fall colors. Winter wheat has begun to be planted, some 4 inches high, other fields just being seeded.

Thanks again, it was another successful season. Ronnie

1 October

Bobwhite Quail in grassQuail

This spring and summer the weather was mild and we had average to above average precipitation which was favorable for a decent upland bird hatch.

While working the land we have seen quail in every region of all three states. From the vehicle, on average we are spotting one covey a day and the most we have seen is three coveys in one day.

We still have a ways to go, but it appears quail population is in the process of making a comeback.

From Severin

"...I'm not a bird hunter, but this is the first time in 3 years that I have seen pheasants on more than one occasion. I'm sure that is good news for the guys that love to do that.

I have attached some pictures from my various trail cameras. I have stumbled onto some pretty nice bucks again! Thanks for the quality land you guys offer. As always I appreciate seeing the photos that other guys share so I like to share mine as well..."


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