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October 31, 2017

Youth Deer Success

Youth member Jacob with another to add to his collection. Congrats to both Jacob and dad for being a great father.

Check out the video below of Jacob's close encounter with a button buck.


October 30, 2017

Missouri Firearms Deer Spots

As of Sunday morning, the following farms have not been reserved for opening day of the Missouri Firearms Deer Season, which opens November 11. We are not posting this list for members to relocate since 30-day reservations are final, but for those who are planning their hunt now since there is always a lot to choose from.
Farm Comment
Andrew A all 8 spots on 1620 acres
Atchison A all 5 spots on 720 acres
Atchison B 8, 9b, 10 and 17
Atchison C 14, 23a and 23b
Atchison D 29 and 28
Atchison E both spots on 465 acres
Bates B 21b
Buchanan A all 13 spots except 14b on 2265 acres
Caldwell B 10, 11 and 31
Caldwell C 16b
Caldwell D 24c
Callaway A 29b, 35a, b and d
Clinton A all 4 spots on 415 acres
Cooper A 24a and e, 29a and d
Daviess A 11
Daviess C 16
Daviess D 8b, c and 7
Gentry A 36 c and b
Gentry D 34 f and h
Grundy A 26a, b, c, 2b, 23 a and b
Grundy C 2, 33b and d
Harrison A 23a
Harrison B 25a, c, d, f and g
Harrison D 33 a, c and d
Henry F all 5 spots on 420 acres
Holt A 12 and 13b
Holt B all 4 spots on 580 acres
Holt C 29a, 23 and 24
Howard A 1a, c, d, f, g and i
Johnson A 35 a and b
Knox A 30a, b, c and d
Linn B 10, 30, 24, 31a, b, c, 32b, 5b, c, 8, 9, 16, 25, 29 a and b
Linn C 30a, c, d, 5a, c, d, 1d, 7, 6a, b, 29b, c, d, 2 and 13
Livingston C 13b, c, d and e


Note: Deer tags must be faxed or emailed to the office before deer reservations will be accepted. Fax 816-765-5464 or email mahamembers@gmail.com

October 27, 2017

Deer Donation Meat Lockers

Over the past couple of years the deer herd has rebounded in all 3 states. As a result, we need to harvest some doe to help keep the population in check. 

Below is a deer donation link to Kansas, Missouri and Iowa for those that are willing to donate deer to the needy.

Kansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry

Missouri Share the Harvest

Iowa Deer Hunting

Below is a link to the lodging section on our primary website www.midwesthunt.com which includes deer processors, local hotels, camp grounds, vet clinics, tow services, etc..

Lodging Information

October 26, 2017


Bryan from last weekend.


October 24, 2017

Western Kansas

Last week, we spent a couple days working western Kansas. The reports from KDWP, landowners and coffey shops is very optimistic for all species of game.  There was a dry spell mid-summer, but rainfall the past 2 months has been above average, which is a major factor for western Kansas.

NorthWest Kansas

Most of the crops were still in the fields, but harvest is well under way right now.

Pheasant Northwest Kansas

When the crops are standing the pheasant usually stay in the fields, so it’s hard to predict how many birds are out there, but we did see several groups running the roads early and late.

Quail Northwest Kansas

The quail forecast is good throughout the state, excluding extreme southeast Kansas. While driving the back roads we’ve seen quail consistently in all three states.

Northwest Kansas

Please note Prairie Chicken season is closed in Kiowa and Edwards County, Kansas.

October 23, 2017


Sheridan County Kansas

We recently acquired a 640 acre lease in Sheridan County Kansas, which adjoins Graham County to the west.  This farm is a combination of CRP grass and pasture with crop surrounding 3 sides. Principal game will be pheasant, quail and mule deer.

Linn County Waterfowl

Marsh Land

Marsh Land

Last week the holding lake on the west marsh was drained and the flooded Japanese millet looks awesome.

October 20, 2017

Missouri Firearms Deer

Tanny County

ground field

Above is an aerial photo of Taney County Unit A which is a 1580 acre ranch in south Missouri. Taney A has had very little deer hunting pressure over the past 10 seasons since most members think trophy deer potential is better in north Missouri. Right now Taney A only has one firearms reservation. There is no doubt there are a half dozen mature bucks roaming the thick cover of Taney A.

A 160 acre NW Kansas CRP farm with a lease pending.

October 19, 2017

Fall Fishing

Fall fishing on club leases is minimal but the opportunity is unlimited on
our farm ponds, strip pits and irrigation lakes. The water temperature is inthe 60's right now which is ideal.

Note fishing is only allowed on farms that list fishing on the maps and are availableon the reservations system.

The photos above are a reminder of all the quaint little towns scattered
across MAHA leases.

October 18, 2017

Both MAHA rules and lease agreements with landowners require all tree stands to be removed by the end of the season. Over the past couple of years we have had numerous complaints from landowners tree stands have not been removed, especially inexpensive ladder stands.

Please take this notice seriously since tree stands left behind are a safety risk to the Association.

Below is an example of the consequences involved with hunting a tree stand not pulled down at the end of the season.

Tree Stand

October 17, 2017

Hidden Farm

Below is an aerial photo of Saline County, Missouri Unit B farm 3. This farm has not been hunted in years since it is not appealing from the road. The landowner sees deer on the back side frequently. This might be a farm to consider.



Saturday we covered our last blind and it took every bit of daylight to complete the project. The photo above is Henry D blind 1. We moved the blind from the middle of the lake to the shore for easier access. On the way home we had to stop the truck to wait out a torrential rain storm.

Henry B

Saturday evening we opened the intake pipe on the south wade-in area and it is now completely full. The water is running over the overflow pipe into the #2 shooting pool which will be at full capacity in a couple of days for the first time in years.

North wade-in area full and ready to go with some feed for the ducks

October 15, 2017

Early Season Deer

Early season deer hunting has always been underutilized on the majority of Association leases.


Ronnie with another quality archery buck taken several weeks ago. Good job Ronnie that's 4 nice bucks over the past 4 seasons before the 1st of October.



Doris, a devoted traditional archer with a buck of a life time. This buck was harvested several years ago the first day of the season from an over the counter tag state.

October 12, 2017


Thursday was the first day for Missouri firearms reservations. We had 100+ reservations which is close to the same as 2016. We have 449 deer spots to choose from in Missouri so 349 spots are still available. In a week to 10 days we will post a list of Missouri farms that have not been reserved to help those that are waiting to make a reservation.

Missouri firearms deer season is the highest demand hunt of the season. Many members only hunt the firearms season and they are finished for the year. Out of respect to the firearms hunters, we are closing Friday 11-10 to each farm that has been reserved for firearms deer to rest the farm and give each hunter a day to set up stands and blinds. This exemption will only apply to the Missouri firearms deer season.

Linn County Waterfowl

The drain pipe on the west marsh holding lake in Linn County was clogged and we anticipated a difficult fix. Fortunately, the landowner opened the pipe and the lake is draining at full capacity to the #5 and #6 shooting pools. The lake should fill in a couple of days.

The holding lake on the east marsh does not have nearly as much water as the west holding lake. We will drain the east holding lake next week but will need additional rainfall to fill the # 1 shooting pool.

John Wenzel has chosen to move on and is no longer working with MAHA. John has been a great asset to the Association for the past 21 years and we wish John our best.


October 10, 2017


Due to some repair issues our website has been down for a couple of days. We apologize for the break in the Updates, but we are back up and running. Please keep the photos and stories coming.

Reservations and Time Zone

Our reservation system is set up on the Eastern time zone. The map below indicates the earliest time a 30 day reservation can be made.



We have 3 blinds left to cover this weekend and we are ready for the season. Bruce and Jon Jr. were there from start to finish again this year. Their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Flood water in Henry County took a toll on our food plots, but the millet in Linn County is as good as it gets on both the east and west marsh.

Millet Millet

Wetlands management and food plots is a year-round process and very satisfying when it all comes together.



Note below our rules state members are limited to one reservation change per day. We prefer that all reservations are final but understand at times one might need to relocate due to weather, etc..

If anyone challenges this restriction we will cut off online access and require reservation to be made by phone.

15. h. One reservation per day per hunter unless a reservation change is made. Members are limited to not more than one change of reservation per day. All change of location per day must be within the same state.

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