September 2003 Updates

29 Sep

Duck blind camouflage volunteers we will be working in Henry County this coming weekend. Anyone who would like to help please contact us at 816-761-3636 or email to get details.

Office. Nichole W, MAHA's new office staff assistant, gets a first hand look at the Association's waterfowl properties in preparation for the upcoming seasons reservations. On the ride back to the office she was able to sample the quality of our fishing by being able to reel in a couple of bass. Nichole is in the process of graduating from college and ready to pursue a career in broadcast communications.

Telephone Numbers. Reference comments about the wrong telephone numbers being on the website a note of clarification. The website telephone numbers are for advertising and separate from the main office lines to prevent the Association secretaries from being tied up with casual inquiries from non-members. The office telephone number for reservations and membership service is 816-761-3636, the same number as typed on the memerbship ID card.

A second point of clarification is the large area the 913 area code covers and that many calls within it are long distance requiring the #1 and the prefix 913.

Turkey. Not many members fall turkey hunt and those that do find tags over the counter and a long season to hunt. This picture comes from Harry, who found these birds feeding in a cut clover field bordering a creek bottom.

Kansas state fall turkey season for example runs from October 1 - Dec 2 and Dec 15 - 31. Each hunter may purchase 1 permit and up to 3 tags. The timing is right for some late scouting or a break from archery deer hunting.

26 Sep

Buddy Hunt. With our search for a fulltime secretary taking longer than desired and the train up period combined with the coming seasons right during the final push for land contracting as well as family emergencies all have conspired to put us back more than we would like. One item we are late at is the Buddy Hunt List. We would like to get it published and out to those looking for someone to hunt with by October 10th. For members wanting to team up with another member as hunting partners please email the following information: Name, telephone number, hunting interest and if you have dogs and what type (e.g., pointers, flushers, retrievers).

The list works in this manner. We list all those that express and interest at hunting with another. We then send that list to all that are on it and those members review each other's data and call those they believe may make good hunting partners. After that it is up to the members to coordinate their own hunts.

Every year we have hunters that tell us how they have enjoyed meeting others and having contact with another of similar interest. We also see later in the season the same pairing of names from the buddy list making reservations to hunt the same areas. This includes locals teaming up with locals, non-residents with locals and non-resident from different states. The bottom line is it works.

24 Sep

Fishing. Take a look at what the Matt Kramer family has done now! For Matt things just seem to go right all the time.

22 Sep

Duck blind camouflage covering volunteers we will be working this weekend in Linn County. Those who want to participate please notify Terri or Nichole at 816-761-3636 or email and to get details.

Upland Bird Forecasts. Thank you to all that have sent in the newspaper articles and website links telling of the upland bird forecast. It seems the information of the bird population being good is now nationwide as our upland bird primary hunting interest application rate has steadily rose the last month or so.

Where to hunt. As we get closer to hunting season more and more members are calling in for advice as to where to hunt. Also, during the off seasons we are very busy conducting land runs for contracting new land as well as renewals. This combination slows us down at returning telephone calls or emails. It is now common to have between 15 and 30 return calls each evening between landowners and members. If we are slow at getting back to anyone that is the reason and please trust we will accommodate all of your concerns.

Hummm... For those calling to ask about season dates and bag limits we do not respond to those questions as we do not allow the excuse amongst any of our members that the "Association didn't tell me." All members are required to read the game laws first hand for their selves and obey them. This may seem entirely un-necessary to say so, however this year has been no different than in year's past we have already had members call in for season dates and which state has what bag limits.

Waterfowl. What is pictured here is Henry C wetlands water inlet pipe after we opened it to flood the wetlands and the smart weed along the flooded pool.

For those that weren't aware of the rainfall situation in Missouri and Kansas this summer we experienced another drought comparable to 2002. By mid-August, nearly 90% of the Association's waterfowl marshes were bone dry. The last week of August mother nature delivered 5 to 10 inches of well needed rainfall that brought our waterfowl marshes back to nearly 70% of their water holding capacity.

Teal season was fair at best due to average temperatures in the mid 80's to lower 90's, but we're looking forward to a well above average big duck and goose season with strong populations to work with and favorable water conditions.

As of September 20, the following is a list of the water conditions on MAHA Missouri waterfowl leases:

Cass A- waiting for beans to be harvested before closing gates to hold water. Not able to pump and will have to wait for fall rains to fill.

Cass B- all of the lakes are huntable but the water level is lower than last year due to irrigation. Good crop stubble around all of the lakes for geese.

Henry A- Blairstown Lake- Water level is low. At this time only wade-in hunting is available.

Winkler's Lake and Slough- Winklers lake is 90% full and the slough is full. Both Blind #1 and #2 are huntable. We were able to clean the brush out of the slough and it looks real good with more open water.

Henry B- Blind # 1 has enough water for wade-in hunting and blinds #2,#3 and #4 are all huntable. Conditions look very good with a lot of flooded vegetation.

17 Sep

Deer. Buck sent in some pictures of last season and the previous year's deer.

16 Sep

Fishing. Bob H., with a nice stringer of MAHA north Missouri crappie. Bob said that these crappies were caught the last weekend in July on a day when the temperatures reached well into the nineties. Who said crappies only bite in the spring?

Most of the crappies that day were caught and released along with numerous bass. Bob kept enough for a nice fish fry for his family.


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