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5 September

Group Asks for CRP Acre Release
Compiled By Staff, September 4, 2007, Mid-South Farmer
"...the National Grain and Feed Association has urged Ag Secretary Mike Johanns to "seriously consider" measures to make ... acres enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program more available in 2008....NGFA said it conservatively estimates the United States will need to plant at least 4 million to 5 million additional acres of wheat, corn and soybeans in the 2008-09 crop year than were planted this year to avert potentially dangerous supply disruptions..."

And from the PJ Star,
Huge harvest looms for Congress, September 4, 2007, Alan Guebert.
" ...foresee an estimated, now-idled 4.6 million acres moving out of the Conservation Reserve Program and into crop production by 2010..."

4 September

Deer Hunter/Member Feedback
Thanks for calling me today. I appreciate your time helping me with [location deleted]....the deer were in [location deleted], gun season. Both were spot and stalk to within about 150 yards....8 point scored approx 130...10 point scored 155. Thanks- Bill

Any pheasant hunter will quickly notice the grass and that these deer were harvested from and what many deer hunters disregard as "bird ground".

Thanks Bill for your generosity at sharing your pictures. Give me a call before your next scouting trip.

"...Surveys conducted by the FWS in cooperation with [Missouri] state wildlife agencies this spring estimated the number of breeding blue-winged teal at 6.7 million...This year's blue-winged teal population index is 14 percent higher than last year’s and 48 percent above the long-term average. It is the third-largest number on record. Breeding numbers of green-winged teal were estimated at 2.9 million. That is up 13 percent from last year, 55 percent higher than the long-term average, and the second highest on record..."
By Jim Low, Missouri Department of Conservation, Saturday, September 1, 2007, Lake Expo

Kansas Upland Bird
The summer continues to be good for ground nesting, brooding and dwelling birds most notably Kansas pheasant and quail. The summer has been cooler than average and the rains good to insure the deep rooted tall grass cover continues to have the moisture it requires for pheasant cover.

The August rainfall indicates, as the latest in a string of observations, that the Kansas pheasant forecast is for good hunt quality as defined by good pheasant numbers and good during the season cover habitat. That along with our current farm year of increased grain production of corn, soybean and wheat means there will also be plenty of winter over waste grain bird food.

At this point in the year with the corn starting to turn brown and the tall grass gone to seed any more rain will serve the soybeans and winter wheat, but not much else in terms of pheasant hunting quality in Kansas.

7 September

With the cool weather, I took a run up to [location deleted]. They have been getting plenty of rain and the crops are really good. Corn everywhere. I do not know how it will effect bird season, may be like Iowa; waiting until the corn is harvested.

Attached are a couple pictures of a doe. The interesting thing is the one of her jumping away. Look at her ears pointed right at me still.

Thanks Mike, your pictures are always interesting.

Iowa Upland Bird Roadside Survey Results
Iowa DNR has published the results of their August road counts. The highlights concerning MAHA lease land region in south central Iowa include:

Higher than desired spring rainfall correlates to our observations described in earlier updates.

Roadside counts of pheasants lower this year than last.

This region has: "...the most potential upland habitat of any region in the state." page 4.

Quail numbers show an increasing trend.

Recognition that Iowa's declining habitat will continue to be a causative factor for Iowa's recent lower bird counts than previous years.

What was not stated directly is that Iowa's projected pheasant harvest this year is at best to be on par with Kansas and likely to be less than Kansas with Iowa estimating a harvest of 700,000 to 780,000. These harvest numbers are suspect as most that have hunted both Kansas and Iowa only but a very few have their bag counts recorded.

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