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3 September

We seen this young lady on and off throughout the website over the years.

Hi, I’m Kristi, Bob Dillman’s daughter. I’m 20 years old, and my dad became a member of MAHA long before I was born. I have loved the outdoors for as long back as I can remember. My dad let me go fishing with him as soon as I could hold a fishing pole and keep an eye on a bobber. One of my favorite memories was when I caught my first “big fish.” When I was a few years older I went hunting with him for the first time. Now I’ve got my license and bug him to go every time I come home from college. My dad has taught me everything I know about hunting, and I am so thankful that he introduced me to the sport.

Every hunt we go on is so much fun. It doesn’t matter if we shoot the limit or don’t see a bird all day; it’s still a great time just being outdoors and with him. There is nothing more beautiful than being out in the middle of nature and watching the sun rise, and I have seen so many interesting animals that few people have had the chance to see outside of a zoo. The best part about hunting and fishing is that the whole family can be involved, and it’s never too late to start. I’m so thankful that my dad let me get involved when I was young because it has been such a great part of my life.

2 September

As we mentioned earlier, the Fountain Grove bottoms were hit with a major flood in July. Blind 6 was the only blind that wasn't able to withstand the floodwater.

Thanks to the help of Bruce and Allen the blind back up and ready for the 08 season. We still need to do some levee repair work on the north half of the west marsh, but anticipate the job to be done by the regular duck season.


A point that may interest folks is that the recent series of game camera pictures have all come from folks that travel to hunt. One member did travel over a thousand miles.


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