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4 September

Last Season

So I am sitting on this little prairie piece of land. Letting the wind determine my spot, I walked in pre-dawn and sat down on the side of a hill looking down into the draw in the photo. It has a total of 3 trees. About 5 minutes after light I heard a faint sound coming from behind me. It is dead calm here. I turned and looked for probably 30 seconds but nothing appeared. A couple of minutes later I heard bounding hooves and looked back again and a deer was hopping off. It stopped and I glassed a stud buck. He trotted off to the north and stopped once more to look back again. Very frustrating to pick the very spot that one was going to walk as my seat. Now I have no idea if that was the only buck in this spot or if he will come back again. Your advice on the update page is repeated often and it's absolutely true. Hunt open ground. Thought you would want to know this report from this property. I always see Whitetail on it.


3 September


I took my 12-year-old male, Giz, and we had a awesome time. As you know, dove hunting is either a hit or miss. This year it was a hit. Pretty much everywhere we went I was getting into doves. Giz had some solid retrieves. I haven't worked with him all year and he was steady from the blind the entire hunt. We hunted a ditch full of water from a heavy rain storm a few days prior, and he got a couple nice water retrieves too. He could have been a duck dog, but he'd rather work running roosters.

The cover is much better than last year. If the bug theory holds true, we'll have a fair year as there were tons of grasshoppers and other insects. The bird numbers will be down but better than last year for certain. I saw some areas of standing CRP that were hayed this time last year. If the conditions continue the upland bird population will definitely improve.


Buddy Hunt List

A spot to remember: to get a copy of the buddy hunt list requires the requesting hunter be on it. So if you want a copy of it send us your name, telephone number preferred hunt and if having a dog.


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