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3 September


Normally the months of July and August are almost too hot to fish. Most wait until cooler temperatures come September.

This year the water levels and temperatures have been unseasonably mild. The fishing has been good but very few members are taking advantage of the opportunities available. The few who have found some of the best we have had.

At right, a stringer of August strip pit crappies. They were caught in 10 feet of water just off the edge of the moss. In and out of structure.

Up close appear to be very healthy, especially for the month of August.

2 September

Upland Bird State Reports

We learned from those calling in of the first of state agency generated upland bird forecasts has been published. Shortly after Iowa's report publication applicants called saying they are ready to pull the trigger on a membership. This is on top of an increase in bird hunters that began early this spring.

The end result is we are now coming to a close on land contracts, adding up CRP acreage, counting good edge in quail regions all towards insuring we cap off in time.

Not everyone will be able to hunt. Closer to season start the less likely there will be openings.

Those who do hunt should not interpret the first of the forecasts to mean peak years. It looks to be better than last. However, we will all work for our birds this season.

2015 Deer Season

A change to our way of operation is we no longer will be running a first choice opening list for those seeking memberships for 2015 deer season.

By late summer each year those who play the multi state tag lottery get results and renew their plans for their next season. In the past we would put them on a first right of choice for monthly openings listing. We will no longer offer such an option.

Online Maps, Aerials, Coordinates, Boundary, Reservations, Users' Guide

From launch last spring turkey season through current usage tweaks and refinements are being made. Once we get to a point of no further refinements we will publish the yet in progress users' guide.


Missouri waterfowl report:

Missouri waterfowl regulations:


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