September 2016 Updates Page 1

September 7

Not a very good photo but certainly a hunt to remember. Took one tom at 7 am and another at 11. Made a reservation for a farm I was familiar with but found a flock a couple miles down the road so I changed my reservation and followed the flock to roost. Thanks for having so much land to choose from, Bob.

Bob's turkey

September 6

Thank you MAHA for a great start to the hunting season. Tori got to harvest this beautiful buck on opening day in full velvet. Although the trip was short, we'll have a lifetime of memories.


Same young lady an earlier season.

Always great to see lady hunters. Congratulations to both Tori and dad!

September 2

Jon Sr.with a 12:00 noon Missouri tom.

September 1

Iowa, recently acquired 180 lease.

Iowa lease


New folks exercise a practice reservation. Do so between M-F, 9-530 when Susie is in the office, 816 761 3636. Try it to check your portion of the database is functioning rather than wait until Friday night when no one is around if there is a problem.


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