Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Self Guided Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Kansas pheasant hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association is as a self guided hunter on wild pheasant. On private land over native grass, crop field edges and brush draws. There are quail. The Kansas upland bird hunter has the opportunity for a mixed bag hunt.


Two days, Kansas upland bird hunting.

Pheasant hunters enjoy the freedom away from public lands hunter mentality. Being able to have more Kansas hunting land available to hunt each day than daylight hours. No mixing dogs with other hunters. Being able to hunt a different spot each time stepping from their truck, each day of each trip never having to cross their tracks.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting
The result we want. It does happen. It is not guaranteed and will not happen every day.

Private Land Kansas Pheasant Hunting

KANSAS counties with leased acres and nearest towns below.

The map is of county names and acreage available for the 2019 season.

Our land is within Kansas’ grain farming regions. We make the entire state of Kansas available to us as to where to spend the Association hunters’ money. That allows us to go anywhere in Kansas we need to to acquire the better hunting. This may be contrasted to a hunting lodge that would be limited to the driving distance around that lodge for their land.



How A Kansas Self Guided Hunt Is made

Kansas Pheasant HuntingOur self guided pheasant hunts does not mean the pheasant hunter is left without resource of local knowledge.

If allocated a membership that pheasant hunter gains access to our online private Kansas hunting land maps. That hunter can look at the same hunting map as us while on the telephone of where to park the truck and put the dogs out. Each will also have a hunting plan ‘A’ and ‘B’.

One plan we encourage on the first Kansas pheasant hunting trip is to explore different regions. Many pheasant hunters find their dogs will be better within one cover type. That region of cover may then become the favored.

100% Wild Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Kansas Pheasant HuntingWild pheasant only. That includes all the challenges of a fair chase hunt.

Each day will be a good day for those that enjoy their dogs and know the odds favor the bird’s.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Particulars

Kansas has a season length, favorable weather, habitat variety not available in other states.

Kansas’ Season

Opens the second Saturday in November to January 31. Kansas residents and non-residents have the same season days, shooting hours and bag limits. Shooting hours are from first to last light. Bag limit is 4 daily, 16 in possession.

No need to have the “must hunt the opener” attitude. We hunt through the entire season. Many find the more reliably cooler temperatures from the second week in December onward a better hunt.

The common Association hunter is split between the traveling out of state hunter and the local. Those that travel to hunt typically after the first season make two, one week trips each season. Locals are largely weekend hunters choosing the better weather weekends.

During Kansas Pheasant Hunting Season Weather

Kansas pheasant hunting season weather allows for most days for hunts. The best have 50%+ humidity, winds 10 MPH and 30’s for temperature.

Wind, is the common Kansas detrimental effect. With Kansas pheasant hunting being on large acreage open fields winds in excess of 20 mph will send most to the wooded crop edge for quail.

Winter snow storms may be brutal due to wind more than accumulation. Occasional winters will have snowfall that accumulates into drifts. This causes difficulty while waiting for rural roads to be plowed.

Total ground snowfall accumulation is rarely an issue with the average winter seeing 17 inches. When snow does accumulate it’s on the ground duration is commonly measured two weeks at a time before a thaw.

Rain, can be a problem. As little as a 1/4 inch turns rural dirt roads into impassible mud. Tire tread clogging adherence characteristic and a great amount of slickness. The best four wheel drive being set to all wheels spinning and no locomotion. The road maps available through Mid-America Hunting Association do identify gravel roads.