Upland Birds

We are a self guided private land foot hunting organization.  Bring your own dogs.

Operation is limited to Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa.

Wild pheasant and quail are the primary upland bird hunting offered.

No pen raised birds, 100% natural. Fair chase, all state and federal regulations apply.

Upland Bird Hunting

Mid-America Hunting Association Kansas hunting Iowa hunting Missouri hunting on private land for self guided hunts

How We Operate

If allocated an Association position the hunter gains access to an online map library listing all land.

New to the Association hunters will have access to Jon Nee, Owner of Mid-America Hunting Association, for where to get started. He has been on every piece of hunting lease land in the Association. Then choose a farm and make a telephone reservation. No knocking on doors or tracking down landowners. The hunter simply goes to the ground and hunts providing his own equipment and skills.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Tall grass, brush filled draws and grain fields. More places to hunt than anyone will have time on a trip to cover.

Hunters will be able to hunt a different spot each time stepping from there truck never having to cross there tracks.

Iowa Pheasant Hunting

Our Iowa wild pheasant hunting is good when Iowa has good nesting and brooding weather during the critical months of May and June. But that has not been the case the last several years.

Pheasant Hunt

Kansas Quail Hunting

Quail Hunt

Kansas quail hunting is on edge cover bordering grain fields.

Wild Bobwhite Quail only.

Hunt at the hunter’s own pace with much eyes-on dog action. No mixing dogs with others.


Missouri Quail Hunting

Missouri Quail Hunting
Missouri deer hunting

Missouri quail hunting historically is our best quail region. Smaller fields, more edge cover and all grain field hunts.

See our self guided Missouri quail hunting section.

Andrew and Richard. They show well we are a work-a-day hunter group with whatever equipment and dogs any self guided hunter can put together.

Missouri Quail Hunting
Missouri Hunting Quail