Wild Quail Hunting

Kansas wild quail hunting it seems is something we need to emphasize and define. This requirement stems from the many that seek to avoid the preserve, plantation, planted quail hunts and hunt test experience.

Natural Everything

The short answer about our wild quail hunting is it is on naturally propagated birds on existing protective cover and food source habitat. Farm land quail hunting. Hunting land as seen in the pictures below. Nothing groomed.

Wild Quail HuntingThe longer answer is first based on habitat and region. Second on dog power.

Habitat and region means that we lease a lot of land in three states. In each case in some very specific regions. Not all leased land is for quail in terms of habitat quality even though it may be in the right region. Our regional differences range from higher to lower upland bird densities between pheasant and quail. What we do is get the hunter to the region and habitat that will support a quail hunt. That is just one part of the service.

Wild Quail HuntingOnce in that region other difficulties arise. Most notably that a hunter may not have his eye calibrated to the cover that is productive to that which is not. This now distinguishes the type of hunter organization that we are. We are a do it yourself hunter organization and not a hunter training organization. the break point is once we get the hunter to park his truck at the right land he then must hunt that land fully to find the covey. A seemingly simple statement to write and read. A whole different set of requirements to put into practice. This is not our ignorant statement of the obvious. It is coming to agreement between the Association and the hunter as to what reasonable wild quail hunting expectations should be.

Kansas Wild Quail Hunting Results Like This Are Not Easy

Wild Quail HuntingSelf Guided wild quail hunting is our most high risk hunt.

This is due to dog power, hunter willingness to walk, shooting capability and habitat recognition not always being widely held by all those that come to Kansas for quail.

It is that many that try Kansas wild quail hunting are traveling in from home states without any quail other than those raised in a pen. Any dog and hunter that does well on quail inside a hunt test field or a field trail will find wild quail hunting a whole other bird entirely.

Pictured in this box is Kevin and PJ. We have seen them both throughout the web site. Far more with point pictures than harvest. However still with plenty of harvest pictures. Kevin hunts for the dog work, notice the dog has a jacket to sit on for the picture rather than the icy ground. This picture, as all do, has far more story behind it than is apparent.


Wild Quail HuntingFor those that may find our hunts a tough business we encourage them to trust our recommendations. They will put him in the right habitat in the right region. Once there, that hunter must pay the one price that only he can pay. That is, the price of boots on the ground time. He needs to spend his time running his dogs over all the ground. Soon it will show ever increasingly more clearly what protective cover and food source provides the most coveys. That will then calibrate that hunter’s eyes and he will soon finds himself hunting spots on any one farm rather than the entire farm.

Dog Power and Wild Quail Hunting

The next aspect about dog power is a frequent theme throughout our quail section. That dog power is defined by one that will:


hunts downwind side edge cover,

dives into target cover,

is very reliable to point,

that can hunt coveys as well as singles,

in cold and warm weather,

windy and calm conditions,

wet and dry fields.

This is a tall order for many dogs to accomplish. Those that have such dogs frequently send in limit pictures. But a better value is the many more dog on point pictures covering seasons of hunting trips. And, sad as it is more than one dog who all never live as long as we ant. Those that do not have that quality of dog spend more time on pheasant or on less enjoyable covey hunts.

Wild Quail Hunting

During the season quail foraging on a soybean field. This picture was graciously sent in by Mike, an Association hunter that enjoys his camera as much as his gun.

Wild Quail Hunting Never Comes Easy

The issue is that wild quail hunting is a tough hunt. All the more so when traveling from a grouse region for example with uniform habitat and short running dogs. Or, worst yet a state without any huntable wild bird population at all. For anyone that wants to be good at quail is not to expect good hunts until a few seasons of experience have passed. That is the best part of the definition of our hunts. That is, good wild quail hunting comes over time. The rest is self explanatory and easily accomplished.

Wild Quail Hunting

“…Kelley’s first point. Carried the camera for around an hour to get just this picture. They flushed around the tree without a shot fired…”