2017 Kansas Dove Hunting

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Kansas dove hunting has historically been our best dove hunts. Many credit Kansas being better due to being further west and having more grain crop fields of wheat or milo. Especially wheat that is harvested in June-July. Wheat gives a long summer period of feed habituating dove to a particular field. That is followed by milo harvested after fall's first frost. Milo is harvested during dove season.

September Kansas dove hunting as a self guided hunter on private land

From Jacob while Kansas deer scouting he took two dove limits in two days.

Dove hunting in Kansas.

Future youth dove hunter.

No pressure early introduction to hunting for this father and son. A time to satisfy a son by spending time with dad in field.

Early seaosn dog work.

The more common Kansas dove hunter is one sharing time with his dog. Both retriever or pointing dog hunters. They make up the bulk of those Kansas dove hunting.

How To Put A Kansas Dove Hunting Trip Together

Kansas dove hunting within our Association is as all other hunting. Private land is available starting with season opener. Access is by telephone or online reservations. Hunters do their own scouting. Sets up his hunt and has a good time of it, limit or otherwise.

Some hunters call for advice where any better dove hunting will be. Many fall for magazine articles which promote a specific idea of water source or sunflower fields being best to find dove. Those who spend a trip or more Kansas dove hunting will find there are plenty of good spots outside of those written about in magazines. Key is to scout. No one should simply pick a spot and expect a good hunt, although some will each season, .

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