Private Land Hunting Units

Private land hunting units is a single maps sheet. Association self guided hunters gain access to this online library. A day's quail or pheasant hunting would be for all acreage on that single map.

Private Land Hunting Map Sheet or "Unit"

Self guided hunter private land hunting map sheet. All is private.

Actual size 8x11.

New Association hunters talk to either Jon Nee before their hunt. He will insure they are headed in the right direction.

Online map distribution is to insure all Association hunters have current maps. Updates occur over an average 9 months. The maps are the common reference for making telephone reservations with immediate confirmation from a live person.

Telephone reservation are accepted up to 30 days before the hunt. Or, as late as the day of the hunt. The time limitation that all must be ware of is that we take reservations only when we are in the office to man the telephones from 9 to 530, Monday through Friday. Upland bird hunters may feel relaxed at making their reservations. All should get a read of the weather forecast before deciding when and where to hunt. No hunter is ever denied the chance to hunt.

For quail hunters the lone exception is during the modern gun Missouri deer hunting season. The middle two weeks in November. We close Missouri to quail hunters due to safety concerns of moving dogs and hunters. That is the effect. The cause is that Missouri's deer tags are inexpensive and available over the counter. That creates a lot of incidental deer hunters. This is not the case in Kansas or Iowa where the cost of deer tags limits hunters.

The amount of private land hunting acreage per unit is not a set amount. The total acreage of any one map sheet reflects the amount of land we can place on one map sheet before we start to shrink it down to the point the bi-focal generation may begin to have trouble reading it.

Association private hunting land is postedThe private land hunting maps we use are the same county/state generated road maps used by the local sheriff and county utilities.

We attempt to post all road side corner and 1/2 mile posts. That is as long as there is something to hang a sign onto.

At the lease park parallel to the road or just inside of an OPEN gate. Do not open gates and drive in.

We are a park and foot hunting organization.

No one has any authority to drive onto any private land.

Private land hunting

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