About Us
As Quail and Pheasant Hunting Dog Lovers

We directly responsible for quail and pheasant hunting quality. Besides these two the third person that makes up the Association staff is Jon Jr. who runs the office.

We are trainers and hunters of our own upland bird dogs. Because of this we have plenty of first hand experience with the private land and track (forecast) both pheasant and quail populations.

We will recommend to all first year Association hunters where to go hunting. After the first year most simply return to favored areas. Many will explore new regions as well.

Jon Nee, Upland Bird, Waterfowl, Deer and Turkey Hunter

Jon NeeThis is Jon Nee with one of his dogs.

Little can add to this picture.

The dog, Buck, passed away after a career that those that hunted with him still reminisce about today. Buck was one of those exceptional dogs that will not be forgotten.

Jon continues to hunt with pointers.

He also raised Jon Jr up as a pheasant and quail hunter. Missouri quail hunting below.

Jon jr

Jon Jr. is who Association hunters will most likely be talking to when making hunt reservations.

John Wenzel, Kansas Pheasant Hunting Plus More

John WenzelJohn Wenzel trains and hunts his own dogs.

In this picture a Llewellin Setter known by some as Gentleman Jack. One of the rare top 10% dogs in John's life.

John has also trained and hunted Beagles, Springers, Wirehairs, Brittany's and GSPs not being breed blind. He recognizes it is the breeder first and the breed second.

More importantly to Association hunters he does hunt the various MAHA quail and pheasant hunting regions to check behind his dogs the hunt quality. He is a multiple species hunter having much understanding what the traveling hunters needs to know.

Rocky Mountain Sharp-tail.

Sharp tail

Most will agree wearing orange is not well suited to plains grouse. In this case this was public land. With public land behavior hunters who would not hesitate to jump in front to cut off another to a covey.

Arizona Gambles Quail hunt.

south west quail hunting

In Arizona, on state and federal land. Other hunters were simply non-existent due to the vastness of the acreage. Similar to Michigan grouse woods. The other consequences of snakes and cactus presented another set of limitations.

About Traveling for Upland Bird Hunting

John is a multi state, multi species self guided hunter. He has covered the cactus and snake regions of the southwest, the east slope of the Rocky's and the northern grouse states. He also avidly purses pheasant hunting and wild quail coveys here on the Association's Kansas, Iowa, Missouri lands.

His multiple state trips reminds him of that which new to any area hunter requires. That is, where is the right private hunting land, what is the right habitat and where to lodge. The only elements most do it yourself hunters require to break into a new region. Those that hunt where John recommends typically have a good time of it. Not all will. Not all will be successful. Most will be. The exceptions that are not is more likely due to other than the hunt quality.

Grouse huntingOne factor no one can control is weather. Its effects on ground nesting birds will be tracked. We will know where the better hunting will be. that better hunting is relative to one MAHA region over another. It still remains the self guided hunter must make the hunt.

Above, Michigan's (lower) Ruff Grouse hunt along the Manistee River.

Kansas pheasant hunting

Three grouse in one day was a very good day for us in Michigan

Have a look at some pheasant and quail habitat development work John has done on his own farm.

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