Quail or Pheasant Hunting Trip Planning Considerations

Quail and/or pheasant hunting decisions are largely when and where to hunt. Some points to consider relative to this Association are listed below.

From our northern region in Iowa to our southern Kansas private land leases there will be a great variety to weather and field conditions.

Open Lands Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Kansas pheasant hunting season

Be ready for wind.

Weather Covering Association Quail and Pheasant Hunting Regions

Rural mud roads exist throughout our Iowa and Missouri lease area and that of northern Kansas. They will offer slow go or no go travel with as little as a 1/4 inch of rain. Southern Kansas, an area of good pheasant hunting, rural roads have more sand than dirt easily traversed during wet weather. Self recovery means on-hand will be faster than finding a farm tractor to pull out a stuck vehicle.

Annual snow ground accumulation rarely adversely impacts a hunt. Snow driven by wind is a separate issue.

Drifted snow will close roads for a day or two on county black tops and longer on rural roads. Northern Missouri and our Iowa region will hold snow on the ground longer than our southern Kansas leases. Watching snow lines/maps may affect where to hunt.


Oct Nov Dec Jan
Average High 69 54 40 37
Average Low 44 33 21 16
Mean 57 44 31 27
Average Precipitation 3.8 2.3 1.5 1.1
Record High 95 84 70 73
Record Low 18 -2 -27 -17

Ice road conditions are more frequent than snowfalls. Nothing to be done here other than drive slow.

Heat may be an issue for cold weather loving dogs. On most every hunt the hunter will need to carry water for his dogs. October and November frequently have 50 to 70 degree temperature days. From the second week in December onward is our most reliably colder weather. Northern hunters will tells us we do not know what cold is. Southern hunters will express enjoyment over our cooler temperatures.

Wind is the most enhancing or attenuating hunt weather effect we have. A wind below 10 MPH making for the best scent cones. We do have windier days. Open plains Kansas pheasant hunting with a 20 MPH wind will destroy scent cones. That same 20 MPH wind in Missouri working along quail edge cover affects little on the down wind side.

Geography More Than Weather

Other geographic concerns beyond weather are the limited towns. Such amenities as grocery stores, fuel, lodging may be short. All should plan to eat lunch out of their trucks. This limited services orientation extends to self recovery in the event of vehicle breakdowns.

Upland Bird Hunting Weather Extremes

A little prior planning and looking over weather forecasts immediately before the trip may avoid these kinds of ice covered conditions. Upland bird hunting reservation may always be changed right up to the day of the hunt, M-F, 9-530.

Late Missouri Quail Hunting Season


The other extreme shown well by the lack off winter type clothing.


Early Kansas Pheasant Hunting Season

A Plan A and B.

Flexibility in when to hunt as well as where. Even after a plan is made that plan can be changed to meet changing conditions.

hunting planExample: if traveling from the west to have the Association upland bird hunting maps and lodging reservation information for the counties in northwest Kansas (plan A), north central Kansas (plan B) and south central Kansas (plan C). In the event that during the hunt the weather makes a change the hunter may travel a bit further and get back into a better weather. That would be a better choice than waiting it out in a motel room.

weatherTraveling from the east: the initial plan to hunt in Missouri may change. That shows well on this radar image. A better idea would be to traveling west into Kansas. The typically weather fronts moves west to east. Driving to the west side of any front would likely mean better conditions. Even at that a Missouri hunt is not out of the question. At the end of the hunt when driving back home a stop to hunt in Missouri may be a good option.

Most storms in the central mid-west are fairly fast moving typically being on the ridge between the arctic cold front and warm southern inflow. With that in mind it can be pleasant in the morning, stormy that afternoon and pleasant the next morning. The choice to wait out any weather or travel out of it can be made that evening with local TV weather forecasting.

Some Of The Other Things

What hunters need not plan on is often a relief as a benefit.

Snakes, alligators, porcupine or cactus needles are of no concern.

A set of dog boots, gauze and tape may be a good idea for fixing sore pads. All dogs will get in a full day's run in each day.

A bottle of Skunk Off may be a good idea for those with young dogs.

Upland Bird Hunting and the Hunter

A selection of shot of 8's for quail and down to 4's for pheasant hunting is probably no surprise. Having a game bag/vest that will carry water for dog and hunter makes for a more pleasant day. As example we carry three 1 litter water bottles and usually 2 of those go to the dogs.

Fields are large, prepare to walk.

long hunting

Leather boots should also be no surprise to both that go quail or pheasant hunting. No surprise either a pair of chaps or heavy pants for protection. In terms of clothing it is as all have read elsewhere, bring multiple layers to adjust to changing conditions. Northern states hunters will bring too many clothes. Southern hunters will complain about our wetness and cold. All will enjoy the cool humid weather boost it gives to scenting conditions.

Notice how empty the truck is.

wild quail

No requirement for excessive gear. One hunter, one dog, one (maybe two for some shooters) box of 8's one of 4's, small set of layered clothing and carry a lunch for dog and hunter. The single biggest or bulk item to carry is water for the dog and hunter.

kansas pheasant hunting

Self guided wild pheasant hunting for the average work-a-day hunter. The empty bed of the truck shows well the limited logistics required for a good hunt.

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