Pheasant Hunter Bryan

large tree two dogs and four pheasants showing a Kansas hunt

John, Here are some pics from my recent pheasant hunt...I hunted some new leases and some older ones and I did well each day! The weather was hot and windy [early season before the recent rains]. I tried to get most of my hunting in during the morning hours as it was too hot for the dogs after noon. Some of the birds held for point, but a number of them flushed wild. Given the wind speed at up to 30 mph, you had to really pick your shots using a tight choke and larger shot size. It is my opinion both areas have good pheasant populations even with most of the crops not being picked. I found a few coveys of quail with a good number.... (The one pic is of my male pointing a covey in a tree line). I saw a number of good looking bucks...Take care, Bryan

old house on the Kansas priarie

kansas hunting

...Here are a couple pics from my [December] two day hunt. It was very cold, but the hunting was excellent! Most of the roosters held for point. I hope to get out a couple more times before the end of the season. Take care and Happy Holidays. Bryan

two dogs two quail and four pheasants

For the rest of us this hunter travels from out of state on multiple short duration trips. He is part of the segment of the membership that prefers to hunt the entire season as opposed to those that have work schedules and family lives that limit hunting to what is typical for many upland bird hunters two, one-week trips a season. Not one scheduling system over the other has much advantage as weather more than land access is the challenge most face and it appears on this trip Bryan is enjoying the cold.

cold deep winter hunting

We like Bryan's pictures for the aesthetics of dogs and birds. We kept the pictures cropped wide as sent to us as much for the background habitat they show of where the pheasants were hunted. This is for the benefit of a few first year members this year on their first MAHA and in some cases first central mid-west hunts that found the pheasant and quail a bit of a challenge to find. We offer it takes a couple of trips over more than one season to gain the type of hunts where the potential for a limit lies in each trip.

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