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Traveling pheasant hunetr of golden labsHi John,
Just got back from opening weekend for Kansas pheasants. [location deleted] has some very nice properties, and my oldest son who just turned 10 was able to bag his first pheasant there. We saw many birds, which was a great help to a young hunter, and a nine-month old bird dog. They both learned a lot. Sunday we hunted some of the properties in [location deleted], and had success there as well. Overall it was a great experience!...The SW corner of [location deleted] held more pheasants than I have ever seen in my son bagged his first bird...Thanks again for your help on the phone, and for making my son's first bird hunting season the memory of a lifetime....
Sincerely, Chris

Here's the pictures from our trip:

he truely hunts for other than the pheasants it is that they are only required for the real benefit of the hunt

Kira's first pheasant retrieve at 9 months.

One mor eis grown

Two days past his 10th birthday. What a present!

Brother share and hope for more


not just pheasants to be seen

Too bad we're not deer hunting!

Let us tally what we have seen in this update: warm dry weather, standing crops, traveling in from out-of-state, on land never before seen/hunted, first year dog, a first hunt youth marksman and many smiles. Congratulations dad. Any time family pictures can be added to the album or the wall makes it worthwhile putting up with some of the nonsense life gives us. Looking forward to your next trip. Thank you for sharing your great pictures.

at the end of another day when all things went well is shown in the smiles

Sending you a favorite picture from last season.

toughest short grass hunetr of the first season puppy hunting and learning

The other is my six month old Pudelpointer Coco, who will be hunting with us this fall.

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