Quail Hunter - Dan

A case where sometimes the best quail hunters find more pheasants.

"...They planted wheat this year instead of milo so we were pleasantly surprised at the numbers of birds that got pointed by the dogs...

had some real nice nuggets that should get better when the rest of the corn is harvested...

We stopped at [location deleted] on the way back...and hit the jackpot...the attached photos shows the pheasants we shot and most of them came that last morning from...

A case where sometimes the best quail hunters find more pheasants.

a lot of pheasant but they were wild...

[at another location] had a couple spots but we didn't find much game...

wild pheasant

Patch, in cut milo.

We headed up to [location deleted] on Friday and found some good hunting. The pheasants were less wild and we also got some quail pointed...

retrieveing a pheasant

BeeBee hunting cut corn.

on the way home and found a few pheasants in the milo and a couple coveys of quail on some edges that gave the dogs some good experience..."

long days hunt

Thanks Dan, excellent feedback.

Continue with Dan's quail and pheasant hunting presentation.

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