Pheasant and Quail Hunter - Don

Don a long time Iowa and Kansas pheasant hunter.Hi John,
Here are a couple of shots of dogs you know well.

The first picture is of Magic locked in on a nice covey with member Dan moving up to be in position on the flush.

She is a steady valued member of our team and has produced a number of nice dogs in our group including Ken's dog Mitzi and my dog Dot .

Dot is shown with a nice point of her own in the next picture.

These two have hunted together for many years and point, honor, manage, find dead birds as well as any dogs I have owned over the 40 years I have had pointers. They work well together on pinning running birds-whether they are Kansas Milo runners, sneaky southern Iowa pheasants or just mind blowing flocks of runners like we encountered in South Dakota. We were just up there on an annual hunt with a number of friends - and as you and I have visited on - it is extraordinary to see the numbers of pheasants - hunting in a big bunch and driving and shooting is not what I really crave. It is being with one or two great friends working hard for a handful of birds in rough Iowa, Missouri or Kansas - getting some very special dog work, having a steak at a local bar and couple drinks, sleeping in a cheap motel and doing it all over again the next day. That reminds me - Ken and I leave for Kansas tomorrow. Will check in with you more. As always really value the great staff you have and the hard work by you and your team in getting us very excellent ground to hunt.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone on the Mid America team. Don

Don showing his dog and hunting buddy.

Hi John, Here is a great mid day shot of my team. My English Pointer Magic, her daughter Dot-Dot is a product of my shorthair Zeke-who you published a number of pictures of in the past. We lost Zeke last December-the day we buried him we moved 7 quail coveys in his honor. The puppy on the end is Bandit is a year old and is deaf-you wouldn't know it if you saw her working-she gets so excited to be out-loves to be alongside her big sister or mom. Just learning the ropes and I am not putting any more or less expectations on her than any other year old pup. Just get out and have fun and learn from the experts. The hand signal training combined with low stimulation works well and the time put in this summer has paid off with her. Very obedient but still very confident. Next year should be a break out year for her as she has gained valuable experience and ground time this year. Talk to you soon Don

Quail and pheasant for the day's hunting with his two current dogs.

For the rest of us, Don pictured above, is a trusted Bobwhite Quail hunter that has been known to harvest a pheasant or two during a hunt. He like most that hunt in their Association covers some, but not all MAHA upland bird regions. In those regions he hunts we seek his assessment on lease performance.

Thanks Don for the great picture and the dog hunting twist you are experiencing.

Quail Hunter
Max enjoys a mid morning break - he helped put these in the bag and is a steady shot with his grandfather's famous gun: "Meat in the Pot". Max's grandfather Ed, was a multi year member of the Iowa state skeet shooting team and a passionate Iowa quail hunter in the 60's and 70's. He loves to see his son and grandson carry on the tradition. Max shows good safe form approaching his dad's setter Lady and my Magic on a running covey. Max took a bird on the rise.

Quail limit of eight and a rooster for this youth hunter that has no idea what it takes to make such a hunt happen.

Thanks Don for showing a quail hunt with a youth hunter. Always a special challenge, congratulation at having the patience for it. From the harvest picture it seem you did all right by it.

Self guided hunetrs in the field moving in on a quail covey during the late hunting season.

Don on quail and pheasant hunting page 2.

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