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Sunset on the Kansas priairie.

One long tail pheasant.It was a pleasant surprise to talk to you this last week. This is a short note to follow up on some of the hunt and habitat we discussed.

I must say that I have not experienced the poor conditions reported by others this year and especially last. I wouldn't want to sound like I am bragging because I am talking about bird points and contacts, not bagged... (The 157 mph winds in January 05 Ks. were, uh, challenging.)

We saw excellent numbers of Pheasant in [locations deleted]. This year I realized what part of the leasing program entails. Last year I scratched my head upon visiting some of the units. This year it was obvious why those pieces were held last year. Crop rotation: Fantastic bird numbers.

Eddie and buddy that travels long for their Kansas huntingI did get a point on the largest rooster I've seen. I am new to the Upland Game game (not Dove) but I suspected the rooster was large and even commented to my wife as to the heft. Then I asked her to take a photo, just for documentation. Making a comparison the tail feathers were on the order of 27 inches. I showed the pics to some more experienced friends and they were disappointed to learn I had cleaned it, discarded the package and eaten it with a nice brown sugar and wine vinegar sauce over rice and yellow bell pepper... Apparently it should have been mounted. And, apparently, I'll never see one like that again. Maybe. Maybe not, the critics haven't seen the MAHA leases...

I also had the pleasure of seeing my nephew take his first wild rooster. Admittedly, I had to encourage him a bit (Shoot! Shoot!, It's a rooster, shoot!!) but he did get it over a staunch point and a textbook back. We also got to see both dogs on point on separate roosters simultaneously. Regardless of the shots, that alone will make a trip.

On the lease south of [location deleted] I jumped up the biggest mule deer I've seen. It might help to get a graphic on that by realizing I grew up in NW New Mexico and I know what a big Muley looks like. (The first one I ever killed was eight points.) I don't hunt deer anymore so you can believe me, this was a big boy. Very big rack, thick base, very very long tines and real grizzley around the muzzle. He was with a doe and a smaller buck. Sorry, the camera was sitting on the dashboard...

Good looking.In the three areas that I saw quail last year I saw none this year. None.

I may need to redirect my quail hunting to the treed area in [location deleted]. It look promising but I was working with a young Pointer and didn't go down and in. It looked like it would have a million Pheasant on the fields to the east and south of the tree line. The uppermost fields in the [location deleted] had been mowed. That may have been detrimental to the quail. The pheasant were across the road in the WIHA. Just north east of the field was a large field of cut milo that had lots of pheasant. A little rain this coming year and that field will be out of this world this fall. (Shhhhh.)

I'm still learning the system and just realized how huge the web site is. I guess this should help next year as I prefer to chase the quail. I've got a couple of solid dogs that can handle the Blues in NM so I am really looking forward to putting them on some tight sitting Kansas Bobwhites. I'll make a point of checking the forecasts this spring and fall now that I am aware of the resource.

That's why we call it hunting. We'll buff up and be ready for next fall!

Thanks for the great job you guys do on getting so much fantastic habitat. I'd be willing to pay a little more if you guys could do something about getting some timely rainfall....

Old Kansas homestead in trees.One last thing. I noticed elsewhere on the MAHA site an article about underhanded dealings by anti-hunting groups. Let the membership know that if they are holding the DU or QU or the RMEF Credit Cards that were issued by MBNA that MBNA was bought out by Bank of America. The CEO of MBNA was a big time Quail chaser thus the enthusiastic support from them. Now with BofA they are donating money to HSUS. That's right, the Humane Society of the United States. This is the same organization that has as it's goal the out-lawing of owning pets! They are actively and openly using lobbying and legislation to curtail hunting. Of course if they are against pet ownership they will do their damndest to stop hunting. Please help get the word out. Using that card is cutting our collective throats. Find another way to donate to your conservation organization.

Thanks, Eddie (2nd year member, 3rd year Uplander).


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