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The email.pheasant hunting

Clayton and I went to [location deleted] County, Kansas on opening day [pheasant hunting]. Weather was comfortable, but would have preferred colder temperatures. At least the wind was cooperative. Overall, we had very successful pheasant hunting, bringing home 6 birds. Left 3 downed birds in heavy CRP. Without a dog sometimes when they go down we can't find them in spite of our knowing full well how to mark them. The numbers are not what they were last year in this part of Kansas, but oddly enough, I estimate we saw 8-1 roosters, which I believe was just a fortunate coincidence, unless someone can convince me to think otherwise. The hunting condition of most CRP fields shows the effects of the lower rainfall earlier in the year. Like we did last year, Clayton and I were pheasant hunting alone and without the aid of a dog. Not that I wouldn't like to hunt with a good dog, but just goes to show that you don't have to have a dog or an army of people to have good Kansas hunting.
Thanks, Gerald

Long Time Upland/Waterfowl Hunter/Member

Hope you had a good pheasant opener. Jasper and I hunted [location deleted] County, Kansas Saturday and Sunday. Hardly any hunters in the area. We limited out by 9:30 both days. Not bragging, just wanted to put some optimism in the air.


Also, there wasn't much "quail" habitat in the area. But in the little we had, we found 3 coveys in less than a 150 yards. We hunted this Kansas farm the last two years. The year before was great. Last year was tough. I think a lot of hunters had a tough time with all the milo still in the fields, but it should leave a lot more for the rest of the year.
So far so good. Andrew

Later the same season as Andrew's email above.

We had a good hunt. Found the coveys we normally do. The first two days we bagged out by mid afternoon. The next day Jasper caught some wire and was stitched up at a local clinic. We then headed home. Had the chance at some roosters but with a 20 gauge we let them fly. This is an average to maybe slightly better than average season.

Andrew has been a long time consistent feedback provider with an experience history that can put conditions into objective analysis quickly. Or, to say more simply listen to what he writes as it is fair and free of ego. Thanks Andrew for always thinking about others. Andrew also offered comments he rarely has a good Iowa opener, but later in the season always finds the bird hunting too good to pass.

Good Habitat - Few Birds - Down Season?

Just returned from [location deleted] and the opening of the pheasant season. The habitat on all of the MAHA properties was tremendous. The weather was tough the first day with no dew in the morning and temperatures reaching 65 by 2:00 p.m. We had 2 roosters pointed and a few hens pointed. We hunted late afternoon and another rooster was pointed. Sunday started out as a great Kansas pheasant hunting day. It was foggy and misting and about 45. We hunted hard until 11:00 and did not get one point. We did flush a juvenile rooster that Colt harvested. We did not encounter any quail.

My opinion is that they did not have a really good pheasant hatch in that area for two years. I make my assumption on the fact that over 90% of the pheasants we have harvested there in the last two years were mature birds...We did see a number of roosters feeding with deer in green wheat fields. I do think the pheasant numbers in that area of Kansas will be much better as the weather cools down more.

I am planning on Kansas deer hunting there during the rifle season and will go a couple of days early to pheasant hunt; hopefully there will be a little snow and about 25 degrees.
Take care, Mike

LabDog Power

Wild pheasant hunting dog power develop skills come with time

Shown here is Kenneth who travels in from a non-native pheasant state. He has had multiple successful pheasant hunting dogs.

Posting his story is to give confidence to those in similar situations.

KansasBelow, right, are his current dogs much later.

There will be up and down years. These years are from the perspective of where the hunter travels in from and his prior season experience.

Kenneth has seen them all and find Kansas pheasant hunting to meet or surpass expectations to include on the down years.

In general terms season to season hunting success is based on the previous season's experience. Every season we have a high population year hunters are satisfied. Eventually and it always seems to soon that after a recent record great year will follow a poor hunting season. That year there will be complaints. The smart hunters continue hunting. Then there are others that seek to pin the tail on the cause that is everything other than their own hunting capability or dogs. Soon the hunting returns to a level where every hunters believes he is the best and so are his dogs.

No Dog Pheasant Hunting

pheasant hunting."...the photos are from opening day. Morning hunt. Just me and Landon. No dog..."

About their no dog pheasant hunt.

Special Days

Every once in a while we get a quote from an Association hunter that sticks with us. Here is one such observation:

"I have on my office wall many hunt pictures. In this collection I have pictures of dogs on point or retrieve. In one group I have different generations of dogs with pictures that by chance came from the same farm over a period of 15 years. I don't hunt that farm any more. It reminds me of the dogs now past. I take my current dog elsewhere."

First Pheasant Hunting Season Pup


Getting wild rooster scent in a pup's nose his first hunting season makes rabbits meaningless to him.


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