Pheasant Hunter - Galen

Now deceased Association hunterHere are a couple photos of my 2-year-old dog in action.

I've been a member since 1975 and have seen the upland bird cycles at their peak highs and peak lows.  Last fall the upland bird population was definitely down but as I've seen in years past it will rebound.

Galen hunt in the the Association for 27 yearsI hunted a lot last fall, as it was a critical season for a young dog and hunted hard and found plenty of birds. It appeared to me there was adequate seed for a good come back if we don't have an extremely wet spring. Let's keep our fingers crossed the dry weather pattern will continue the next couple of months. 

Hunting with the Association for years has made my hunting career and I really appreciate all of the hard work you guys have done putting the leases together. Jennifer, I know you don't hear it very often but Thank You!

I'm looking forward to another enjoyable season with the club this fall.


Galen passed on several years ago after losing his fight with cancer.


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