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In terms of Kansas pheasant hunting and what habitat to hunt. There seems there cannot be too many pictures. In this case a variety of dogs and hunters. They show the range of available private land hunting covers.

Pheasant in the air before the shot then the retrieve.

dog retrieving a pheasant.

All pictures are as sent without cropping. This is to show as much of the surrounding habitat as we can.

Kansas working pheasants in Kansas.

Unrealistic Kansas Pheasant Hunting Expectations Issue - Again

Wild pheasants, dogs at work and a variety of hunter success pictures seem to show great hunting. Not all that hunt the regions as others will benefit from the same level of success. This may seem not necessary to express. However, we have learned there are self guided pheasant hunters that expect after paying to hunt a higher than reasonable level of success. They also believe that success is at less work or time than is required. Part of that unreasonable expectation is generated by this wealth of pictures on this web site.

Stick with this Kansas pheasant hunting presentation. The cover presentation will change.

What these pictures represent are the handful of pheasant hunters that are successful and have been for years. These are the hunters that take pictures.

These seasoned hunter finds as much enjoyment in pictures and dog work as bag limits. It only takes a few of these Kansas hunters each year to send in their season photos to make it appear that all that pheasant hunt will be successful all the time. These pheasant hunt illustrations are of the best days. They are not representing every day in field. These are the days that brings the hunter the most smiles.

Dog retrieves pheasant.

Yes, More Grass, Different Topic

Yes, we do cover wild Kansas hunting in native grass a lot. Our motivation include the first season native grass hunters. Some find the grass pheasant hunt challenging to the point of no pheasants in the bag. For these hunters we have quail. We also tell them do not quit. Eventually, the native grass hunting mystery will soften and success improve.

We welcome any picture or text essay from any Association upland bird hunter. The more the better for showing where to hunt. Showing such pictures does not give away anyone's favored spots. Any snapshot of the big open lands of Kansas all begin to look the same.

More from Don who generously shared a CD of pheasant hunts with all.


Not all grass is the same. Height, thickness or proximity to food will all be different for each field. Many upland bird hunters will outsmart themselves and pass on grass that should have been hunted. What grass pheasant hunts often show to many hunters is a difference in their dog power. Just as not all dogs can work the open lands not all dogs will hunt close or point well in tall grass.

Kansas hunting.

Western Kansas pheasant hunting land.

If defining the best pheasant hunt as the most pheasants in the shortest walk then native grass is where to hunt. If that definition of a good upland bird hunt is other than the most pheasants in the shortest walk there are other habitat types that give more eyes-on dog action. For the older hunter the other than native grass Kansas hunting will still produce pheasants. All be it is less density. The advantage will be the increased quail coveys. It is often a single quail covey will give more dog on bird action than can be attained hunting pheasants to a bag limit.


warm early Kansas pheasant hunting season the later Kansas hunting season better for pheasant points and dogs hunt any part of the Kansas hunting season.During the early pheasant season (right).

This Kansas hunting picture series is intended to remove some of the mystery from the pheasant habitat quality to be expected. These pictures are on our Kansas private land.

Note the short sleeves on this pheasant hunter. A warm time of the hunting season. Kansas is the warmest of our three states throughout the entire upland bird season. Kansas will also have little snow compare to other states. Kansas' warmer temperatures is more of a hunt's attenuating factor than is the snow. Snow has the benefits of tracks to see where birds occupy. The colder portion of the mid and late season will keep dogs from heat fatigue. Also, if its cold enough to snow in Kansas then the mud roads are frozen. This makes for better road movement from one spot to another.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Complaint

The complaint we hear every pheasant season is where to hunt. This is typically from new to the Association hunter.

The issue for many is it is the first time that hunter has had greater amount of land available to hunt than time. It then comes down to reducing all the available acreage to what can be hunted. Not always does the hunter pick the right spots. That usually leads to less than desired success.

When that hunter does not achieve the success level he expects he seeks assistance. It is often how to narrow down where to park the truck, step out and hunt. The understanding is not having had hunted that land before.

Essentially, that hunter is looking for a guided hunt. Or, one when told where to hunt. That is not what this self guided hunting Association does. It provides the resource to be successful. It does not make success by leading any hunter by the hand.

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