Pheasant Hunters - John

Dear John & MAHA Staff...just a note to let you know my 11/2 yr. old German Wirehair (Pete) & I enjoyed immensely our 1st pheasant hunt with MAHA. It took a while to figure out where they were hiding but we took home 2 in only a day + so we were VERY pleased & Pete got some much needed experience on crafty, older, wild. There was LOTS of land to hunt, no other hunters & the hunting and habitat was better than anything I ever hunted growing up in Illinois. Thanks much & this transplanted New Mexico hunter looks forward to a long & enjoyable relationship...!!! All the best & happy year, Sincerely, John

For the rest of us John joined in late November on what we will all agree was a down year for pheasants. He is a hard hunter as is evident of his woods grouse picture below where those that have hunted such land and habitat know what a good day is. And, in spite of being a first year member, joining late, traveling long distance, on his first hunt, on a down year he did enjoy his hunt probably more than many of us locals who complain when we do not limit out by noon! Thank you John for the proper perspective, we needed the reminder. Good looking Wirehair also.


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