Pheasant Hunters - Long Traveling Kenneth

What a great pheasant hunting trip for four labs some of which are competitive

Old girl on her last hunt.

Youngsetr up and coming pheasant hunter that works close

Mother and son on a together hunt

This is a great representation of Kansas hunting showing quail duck pheasant for two hunters

The more common Kansas hunting day with enough action to satisfy all

very well composed presentation of the day's reward

Waterfowl on the same hunt

As usual the January pheasant hunt to Kansas was very memorable. I had the opportunity to hunt with new MAHA member, John K., whom I haven't seen in 4 years (military buddies). He happens to own General (the black lab in the picture) who is the daddy to my Triton (the male second from the right). General is also the daddy to Sam (the female second from the left). Of course Westie is the one of the far right.

The individual dog pictures are morning photos taken after I had bagged 3 birds in one field with that dog. Over the course of 5 1/4 days we managed to bag 30 roosters and 4 quail. On three of the days I hunted alone, I had my four roosters by no later than 1130. On Sunday we were only able to bag 2 roosters but it was not because of lack of birds, we were catching up on the last four years and were not ready to shoot on more than one occasion! I guess that is the price you pay with a flushing dog. We had the opportunity to hunt in a great Kansas blizzard (minus the snow) on Monday but the eight roosters and two quail in the photo show that it was worth it! We saw very high numbers of birds that will carry into the spring mating season. I saw more pheasant on this January hunt that I did on my second trip in November!

We really appreciate the wonderful habitat that has been leased and look forward to next year as this season closes. I will probably get in 4 or 5 desert quail hunts here in Tucson before the season ends on the 9th of February.
Take care and good huntin' Kenneth

Not bad for two Labs and two fighter pilots! We alternated the dogs during the day to make them last longer! Our totals for our short hunt: 28 pheasants, 15 quail, and 3 ducks. Pheasants are just about the same as last year, quail are up and there are waterfowl everywhere. The land the association has leased was very productive as you can see. Most of the milo is still in the field but should be harvested by the end of the month if it stays dry. Talking with the farmers, some milo will be left in the field because it was so dry. We will have to wait and see. I will be back to hunt. Maybe we will run into each other! Have a great hunt!

Later during the last week of the season. Hunting by himself he found several limit days on roosters and fair quail hunting with five in one day the high point.

Dear MAHA:
My January hunt this year was the best ever (for January)! I hunted for 5 1/4 days with a total of 16 pheasants and 8 quail. I missed one pheasant and lost one pheasant.

The daily breakdown on birds: 1p, 4p, 4p/2q, 2p, 1p, and 4p/6q. An outstanding January hunt with fantastic weather and plenty of birds (at least for January).

I managed my two labs to have quality hunts everyday, and I only hunted hard on one day. The day I hunted almost non-stop was the day I only bagged on pheasant. It was also the day I missed one and lost one. We really were on the hens that day. On the second day I established a pattern that helped me find more pheasants, most where hens but still some roosters. The birds were not in typical pheasant "habitat" during the entire hunt. This was most likely due to the relatively mild conditions. I also saw a few more roosters at range and while driving in the morning and evening. I was able to finish my pheasant season with a double, not bad luck for January! I would rather be lucky than good!

Nicely set up dogs and pheasants for the wall enlargementAgain, I appreciate your work and persistence to find great habitat for our association. Most of our land was still producing birds to the end. I did get two pheasants on walk-in land and one pheasant on private land. Thanks again to the folks in the office that put up with the Air Force guy from Arizona! Also, a huge thanks to Doug and Mary for their wonderful hospitality!
Sincerely, Kenneth

Early in his Association hunting career letter teling of his experiences


Turkey and fishThis was Sunday's work. I will shoot Jakes when I only have limited time in town to hunt and fish. I didn't have much luck with Toms this year, although I did have two come into about 40-80 yds, but no shots. I took one more Jake this morning before flying back to Tucson. The fishing was at my favorite pond and was the best I had experienced. I just wish the boys would have been with me, it was cast and retrieve and about every 5th cast you caught a bass, bluegill or crappie!

Tired poochBig field huntingHappy days during the late Kansas hunting season when the weather was terricificThis was a great hunt where on different days teh company and dogs and pheasants were all cooperativeOver the shoulder shot of Kenneth's dog retrieving her second pheasantOne more to hand

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