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He tried to come back into the Association after having failed to take responsibility for the trespassers he sent in this picture.

Dear John and the gang at Mid America Hunting:

Well its seems like I just became a member and its already been 4years. Although I haven’t got to go hunting as much as I would like, I can honestly say that the opportunity that Mid America has provided has been worth the money. With a new family it’s hard to get away and really put in the time needed to find good hunting spots and work the dogs!

In fact, some of the pheasant properties I hunted in Iowa and Kansas in college are now being leased by Mid America. What are the odds! People ask me all the time why do I pay to hunt and I'll I can say is "So I don't have hunt for a spot to hunt". The price when all said in done is very reasonable compared to going through an outfitter. Most outfitters charge $150-300/day. It doesn't take long before you have paid for your membership and the hunting is done on wild birds only and you can hunt so much different terrain.

I've had some of my best bird hunting days as a member. My best quail day was 10 coveys, which I probably won't see again. This only proves that the properties have birds and it's all up to you to find them.

I look forward to trying deer and turkey hunting in the upcoming years. I am also patiently waiting for my son to be able to shoot his first pheasants and quail when he is old enough to join the club!

If you really love to hunt and see the last great places to pheasant hunt the wide open spaces of the Midwest then this it. I highly recommend Mid America. I've enclosed a part of my log from one of my hunts this year. The first day is not typical but not unheard of either. I'm just an average hunter that likes to get out with my friends and family and be with my dogs.

[Location deleted] Property xxx Dec 16th 15 degrees and wind-chill below zero

11:30 am limited pheasants, 9 roosters in 2 hours harvested Saw 10 birds all were roosters. Got permission to hunt across the street to get final bird. Broke through the ice and got soaked up to the waste and my auto froze up!

Tried to get accommodation at the [location deleted] that welcomes dogs in but was booked. Only motel in town now!

Had to stay in [location deleted]. Found a Motel under new management that has bird cleaning room and dogs are welcome.

Scouted for next day! No quail sighted

December 17th:
Colder and less wind.

[Location deleted] Property xxx Great ditch in back no birds Dog pointed a possum. Picked him up and he still played dead!

Property xxx Crop field and Draws property surrounded by CRP several pheasant 1 rooster shoot 1 covey of quail-didn't harvest any best time would be late afternoon

property xxx A dogs dream feed lot surrounded by broom fields (Lots of BROOM!) many pheasant 3 roosters shoot missed another kicked up another dozen hens no quail

Property XXX mostly for deer backside has some good grass surrounded by crops missed, 5 pheasant, 1 rooster kicked up 4 hens herd of deer feeding with one 10 point buck in 150 class: could of harvest with shotgun or muzzleloader! (This was the end of the second Shotgun Season too!)

4:30 pm Ran out of time, dogs are tired and my son is hungry and misses mom, plenty of pheasants though. Temps in the morning will be below zero. One dog has a slight limp, leaving one day early but satisfied with another good pheasant hunt with one great day in [location deleted] to boot!

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Best of Luck Hunting, Mark


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