Pheasant and Deer Hunetrs - Matt and Jim

Matt and Jim enjoying an early season pheasant and later Mule Deer hunt.

A deer while on a Kansas upland bird hunting trip

Most upland bird hunters do not deer hunt for either Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer as bird hunters gain so much action behind their dogs on pheasant and quail that standing in deer stand is pure agony. Those that deer hunt do so for two more popular reasons. the first is the enjoyment of the deer hunt rather than trophy deer hunt. The second is to harvest some freezer meat, mostly doe, with prime cuts going tot he family dinner table and tough cuts to freezer meat for dog food.

Kansas native grass pheasant hunting shwoing a rooster in had on a warm to nearly too hot to hunt day.

Have a look at some pheasant habitat. The picture above is far more valuable for its background than for the bird.

Glad to be back at the truck

Always like to see the dogs. No drive or gang hunts. Two hunters with one dog and a good pheasant hunt. Much better than a pile of dead birds in front of a preserve hunt outfit road sign.


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