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One tired old hunting dog and one that has not had enough pheasantsNow that I'm in my forty seventh year, limits are not as important as they once were. Give me a full day afield, with a brace of half decent partners, and I'm good. Nevertheless, its a fine day when the walk back to the truck is accompanied by a hefty game bag.

Didn't move a quail or pheasant out of first farm I hunted Saturday morning, just as well as my buddies thought they were in an all age stake. Second farm they settled down some, Ginger nailed a covey in a brushy draw in middle of bean field, Chaps backed from about 40 yds, picture perfect, took two out of covey, didn't hunt the singles. Worked hedge row back to truck, lost Chaps and found him pointing down into ditch, thought it might be one of the singles, no a big rooster actually held, on a 50 degree day, until I flushed it.

By then it was noon, almost 60 degrees and I had a 2 1/2 hour drive home. I was thinking of calling it a day, but decided to hunt one more farm in this unit that I'd never hunted. Cover was awesome, bean/corn fields intersected by grassy draws and hedge rows, feed was everywhere. Two roosters pushed out ahead on the initial hedge row, we marked their destination for later consideration, Ginger pointed another covey in the middle of a bean field, harvested two, made mental note not to miss church the next day. Turned back towards the truck and worked some thick cover bordering a bean field, Chaps wouldn't come out of it, a hen flushed, we were coming to the end of the cover, I knew what was imminent, put my track shoes on and double timed to the end of the hedge row, just in time to have that little piece of cover erupt in ringnecks. Walked back to the truck still pointing, me flushing them, and they not understanding why I just laughed, watched the roosters fly, and told them, good boy, good girl!

Thank you, and Jon, and Shawn, for all the hard work you do for all of us.

Best regards, Pedro


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