Pheasant Hunters - Randy

One of his best days ever in kansasJohn, I am sending you some pictures of my last hunting trip to [locations deleted] counties. The trip was a huge success. We found birds on every property and they were holding for points. For some reason the shorter the grass the better they held. Many of the properties didn't look good from the road, but after getting in there we found plenty of birds and I was surprised at how many roosters there were. Almost all the properties had good cover surrounded by crop fields. Here is a picture of me, dog and a limit of birds after half a day hunt, the other days we went to dark and didn't take any pictures.

rio grande turkey and mule deer in a quail fieldAlso, even though I'm not a turkey hunter, I thought that the turkey hunters would appreciate it along with the deer hunters.

Another picture that the duck hunters will like is of about a thousand ducks (a lot more than what is seen in this picture) feeding in corn stubble.

lots of ducks

dog not conditionedbad hunterLastly, I sent you photos of dog injuries to hunting bird dogs in heavy grass and there was lots of heavy grass.

Any one planning a late season hunt would not be disappointed by making it out.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in securing these properties. It more than paid off.


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