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An Old Hunting Buddy
Out Kansas Pheasant Hunting

Kansas pheasant hunting season"At 12 years old I hunt him the first field each day and that is about all. Cold days he can go longer. This day the first field, one that we never before hunted, gave us these four birds. A good day for this dog that in his prime would hunt every day for the week long trip we would make.

My neighbor that thinks he is a bird hunter with a lab the size that would make two of my dog is amazed that I don't get limits every time out especially since I pay to hunt. He says that is the reason he will not join MAHA, but "...would go with me if I ever needed a partner...".

Although I know my neighbor hasn't a clue what a good hunt is, he still makes me pause to think about the things he says. This day was a prime example. One field, one old dog in less than two hours hunt and four birds. That was a great hunt and we both took a nap that afternoon."

One illustration we have observed that drives this point home is that many in the Association start hunting with others and change.

That change is the enjoyment of their dogs exceeds that of their adult hunting companions. The other hunter soon becomes a nuisance to the hunt. The end result is the majority of pheasant hunters enjoy hunting with their children or alone with their dog.

The individual hunter out for the quality of the hunt is who we screen for. For those Association hunters that sponsor in others they may hunt together occasionally. However the more frequent reservation is the lone hunter. When there is another on the same reservation it is common for it to be one other, three is the typical "large" group. Even then the individual members of any group are likely to hunt by themselves as often as when hunting in their group.


An old pheasant hunting buddy on one more day. Near to his last season. A day when another hunter was invited along to share the day. How good they were.

Missouri, Iowa And Kansas Pheasant Hunting

"...I've attached a picture of our last day of pheasant season this year. As you can see from the lighting, we had our birds on the ground pretty early in the morning. Now if I could only hit the bobwhites, we'd really be in good shape..."


For the self guided hunter he will find a selection of private land regions in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Each have distinctive predominate habitat type and more fields than can be hunted.

The value of hunting different localities is the beak of the routine of having to hunt the same spots as many report to us. This advantage many find through their Association at greater ease than locating friendly landowners willing to let others hunt for free.

Association Iowa pheasant hunting land is over mixed terrain inclusive of quail. All Association Iowa private land is within the grain farming region captured by the Grand River Watershed. Field crops will be soybean or corn in this soil and rainfall rich locality. Iowa is also much easier to hunt than large contiguous native grass acreage that Kansas is known for. Iowa's fields and numerous grass and brush waterways are smaller making for shorter walks.

Missouri while having pheasant hunting in the north is limited as not to be recommended for the best Pheasant hunting. Missouri is simply out of the pheasant's natural range. A good day in Missouri would be to have seen two ad hope the shooting was on.

Kansas hunting has been the long standing producer of the best hunting. The bulk of the harvest pictures on this web site. That bets hunting comes at the requirement to cover large fields, have dogs with good standoff and willingness to work close and all day long shooting discipline regardless of the daily workout fatigue that gets us all.

In all cases we will get the hunter through the online hunting lease maps and our telephone conversation to the point of where to park the truck and hunt.

Once at the land. The self guided hunter can pick and chose of when and where to hunt. He too can develop strategies for how to hunt each type of habitat suited to his dog power, hunting style and energy level. This is how the hunter makes his own self guided pheasant hunts.


One Of Those Quality Check Points

RetrieveingOn this last point on style and energy, the individual self guided hunter is the one that sets up the most attractive dog and bird photos.

This is a sign of a hunter that has assumed a leisurely approach to his hunting schedule. That aspect of managing his own self guided pheasant hunts as well as the each day of his trip makes for more enjoyment than can be achieved through a drive hunt.

At right is Kenneth with his first hunting dog ever.

His picture shows well that native grass Kansas hunting requires a dog to retrieve or at least mark down birds.

Otherwise the tall and thick grass will hide and waste many a pheasant. One more reason to not allow drive or gang hunting.

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