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youth pheasant quail rabit hunter with labJohn,
Enjoyed another great family outing on Thanksgiving morning! The pheasants were sparse, but my older son managed a nice mixed-bag in just a short three hour hunt. It made his turkey day and his smile says it all. Happy thanksgiving!!! Steve


Hi John,
four pheasant Kansas limit picture with labAfter enduring the Iowa heat and winds...I headed out (minus my boys...due to sports) to [location deleted] for my last hunt of the year. Griz, my yellow lab and I hunted for 3 days...3 1/2hours each day...and took twelve nice roosters. The conditions were challenging as this area had received 2 inches of ice the week before…and some fresh snow while we were there (much appreciated). Temps ranged from a balmy 3 degrees to minus 17 degrees considering the wind chill. Griz really hunted awesome. You know how tough the ice is on these dog's pads and he endured for three days.

The best tip I can give is to find briar patches…any trees whatsoever…and old overgrown homesteads. Head right for those areas…they will hold lots of birds….the birds will all flush out wild (save the occasional hen)...but then you can pick up the single roosters in the CRP with good, slow methodical dog work, because the birds held great once flushed initially.

I will add that after shooting the 4th rooster on Day more roosters busted from one little MAHA patch (75 yards wide)...all well within shooting range. Again, the MAHA property provided great late season habitat for a wonderful pheasant hunt.

Looking forward to spring gobblers.

Thanks again for all of your vectors and help!

Day 2 pics (snowing like crazy)…dog not very happy due to sore pads.

Lab in snow with pheasants

Day 3 totally beat...not tired...just ice-whipped...and ready to go home.

Lab sleeping with pheasants

"...We had another great season. Mike shot a monster we never recovered...a true heartbreaker. He only hunted 3 total hours for deer and settled for this young buck at last light...Pheasant were excellent and we actually shot more quail than pheasant. Probably just dumb luck... "

Happy hunter showing catch



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